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NBA Players Who Won’t Be Wearing a Los Angeles Lakers’ Uniform in 2012-2013: Fan Breakdown

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The Los Angeles Lakers were able to acquire two players by way of the 2012 NBA Draft on Thursday, June 28. One of them was their original pick at number 60 which they used on Gonzaga University big man Robert Sacre - a player I followed very closely throughout his college career. They were also able to acquire the draft rights to Darius Johnson-Odom (55th overall pick), but that certainly isn't the Odom that Lakers fans had in mind when dreaming of Lamar Odom returning to the team.

Now the Lakers will look towards NBA free agency and other means to acquire talent to try and propel them to a deeper playoff run come 2012-2013. While it's fun to talk about players who could join the team, here is a list of players I think will not be joining the Lakers:

Lamar Odom

Although he was a fan favorite, this is one player who won't be wearing Lakers colors come next season. Due in part to the NBA labor agreement, Odom couldn't go back to his former team (Lakers) that traded him for one year following the date of the trade. Despite attempts to find a loophole, Odom has since become a member of the Los Angeles Clippers - the team he started his career with.

Dwight Howard

Howard is a pipedream for the Lakers. However, that certainly isn't going to stop them from trying to acquire him. A trade for Howard would most certainly include Mitch Kupchak's prized possession Andrew Bynum - and then some. Kupchak may be willing to part with Bynum, but it is the "then some" that the Lakers will have trouble coming up with. I doubt the Orlando Magic want Pau Gasol and the Lakers lack the youth and athleticism the Magic would likely want in return for Howard. Essentially, D12 is a no-go for the Lakers.

Deron Williams

No matter how bad I or anyone else wants Deron Williams to join the Lakers, I just don't see it happening. For one, the Lakers don't have the cap room to sign Williams without unloading some contracts - something they aren't in a position to do. Sources have Williams meeting with the Dallas Mavericks and then with his current team the Brooklyn Nets. If the Nets want to have a shot at acquiring Dwight Howard, they had better do their best to keep Williams - something I have a feeling they will do at all costs. So when it comes to Williams being a Laker, from where I sit, it's a definite no.

One player who will be a Laker: Ramon Sessions

I'm not sure the Lakers wanted to see their mid-season point guard acquisition leave the team, but that is what Ramon Sessions decided to do. He declined a player option for the 2012-2013 season and is looking to become more financially secure. The Lakers have reached out to Sessions and both sides look forward to continuing talks. While Sessions isn't my number one choice for the Lakers at point guard, the other option - Steve Blake - certainly doesn't sound at all appeasing. Sessions did struggle in the playoffs - his first career appearance - but during the regular season he definitely showed he could be the point guard the Lakers made him out to be. I think these talks will go well and Sessions will be a Laker within the next week or so.

Food for thought: Is there anyone else that the Lakers have reported interest in that you think won't be joining the team in 2012-2013? Do you see the Lakers being able to move Pau Gasol for a more suitable fit for their team or are they going to be stuck with the big man for the next two seasons?

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