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NASCAR President Mike Helton's statement at NHMS

First of all, we've got great respect for all of our stakeholders in the sport. As their business models would evolve from time to time, ours has too. But we've got great respect for all of our stakeholders. So any perception that there could be animosity based on this topic is incorrect and very unfortunate, and we should set that straight very quickly.

We also take very serious our responsibility to make decisions in this sport in the garage area for the race tracks and the other partners that we've got because we've all worked together for a long time to make a great product. And part of that responsibility is to have a sport that has a great product at great race tracks for our fans. And the owners have been very clear that that's their intention too. So we stand together very clearly on that.

Part of our method of operation over the last six decades is to make decisions, and we make those decisions by listening to a lot of individual stakeholders in the garage area. Every car owner in here has a voice, crew members, drivers, crew chiefs. And we take the input and we make what we think are the best decisions that are good for the whole sport. We'll continue to operate that way. That's our intention, is to build NASCAR collectively, and we'll continue to do that.


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