Motivating Songs for Four Types of Workouts

Tracy Robert
Yahoo Contributor Network

You're about a month in to your New Year's resolutions and, let's face it: motivation is waning. Late winter is a dreadful time of year to trudge to the gym and most of us need a little extra kick-in-the-pants to get there. Music has always been a motivator for athletes and gym-rats alike. In need of some ideas to keep your fitness goals on track? Here are several songs that are tailored to four specific workouts:


Whether you're logging miles on the treadmill, bouncing along on the elliptical or spinning until your bum is numb, cardio workouts need upbeat, fast music. Aim for a 30-minute playlist to reap the benefits of heart-pumping cardio. Keep the pace by adding a mix of fun tunes like:


Get that Pilates body you've always dreamed of with a mix of calm, inspiring tunes. You can get an effective Pilates workout in 30 minutes, but stretch your playlist to 60 minutes to include a full routine of core, arms, spine strengthening and legs. These artists will inspire you to hold each pose a little longer:


If you're a fan of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) you'll need songs that include short, super fast segments followed by some moderately fast beats. Workout at your maximum intensity level during the fast parts; recover your heart rate during the slower parts. Burn up to 10 calories per minute with these songs as a guide.


You should be lifting weights; if you aren't and need an incentive, treat yourself to a 20-minute powerful playlist to make it through your set. Picture yourself, strong and intense, as you rep out bicep curls, weighted lunges or kettlebell lifts. You'll need something focused and intense to get you through this muscle-building workout. Try:

As always, be sure to consult a physician or certified trainer before starting any new workout routine.