Moreno, Garland, and Stokley Can Be Important Role Players for This 2012 Denver Broncos Team: Fan's Take

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There are three games left in the Denver Broncos preseason schedule and precious little time for certain member of the roster to make a big enough impression on the coaching staff to be kept around for the regular season. The roster needs to be trimmed to 80 player by August 28, but then another (more severe) cut happens on September 2 when the roster is pared down to its final 53 players. Of all the non-starters who are out there competing for playing time and a spot on the team, these three guys need to make that final cut when the Broncos play the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 9.

Ben Garland - Most Broncos fans probably know that Garland is an Air Force Academy graduate who has received special permission to try out for the Broncos. If he makes the team, he stays in Denver and still provides service to the Air Force be being a recruiter in the reserves rather than an active duty officer. This would be an excellent public relations move for the Air Force and the Broncos, but Garland is also a sound defensive end who has already earned the respect of his teammates despite being a rookie. This past week teammates paid to replace very special Air Force mementos that were lost when Garland's grandparents' home was destroyed in the fire that swept through parts of Colorado Springs earlier in the summer.

Knowshon Moreno - How can a former first-round pick be in danger of not making the final roster? Well, when you're a guy like Moreno who has been injured and missed as many game as he has (currently recovering from a torn ACL suffered last November), got busted for a DUI back in February, and has underperformed as much as the former University of Georgia standout has, you can see why fans aren't especially fond of him. I've had many fellow fans call for his immediate removal from the roster after his DUI arrest. However, when he's healthy and working hard, he has offensive potential that has yet to been shown to the NFL. He could be very special in this new Peyton Manning-led offense.

Brandon Stokley

- On any other NFL team, this 14-year veteran who has been out of the league for over a year, wouldn't have a chance to make the final cut. However, with his years of working with Manning in Indianapolis, Stokley brings an invaluable source of guidance for many of the younger wide receivers. One example is in how to make sure you continue to give all the credit to your quarterback while you absorb blame for any mistakes. Remember the interception on the final play of Manning's only series against the Bears on Thursday night? Stokley said the interception was caused because he "didn't run a good route." Personal responsibility in the wide receiving corps is something that Manning will demand, and Stokley will be the man to teach those young pups exactly what that means.

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