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Monday Q&A: Phillies Potential Moves at the Winter Meetings

Could the Phillies Pursue Giancarlo Stanton? Michael Morse? a Mystery Player?

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COMMENTARY | The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings got under way Monday in Nashville. Over the next four days, countless trade scenarios and free agent meetings will be discussed, the majority of which we will probably never know about.

I opened up my twitter feed to questions over the weekend about what fans are wondering going into December. Here are my best answers to a few of them.

Q: Tony (@flyerz2) - What do you think if we trade Brown, Cloyd and 2 good prospects for Stanton out of Miami?

A: The idea of a Giancarlo Stanton trade is more likely to be fodder for writers than something that will appear on the to-do list of any Marlins executives this week in the Music City. There's also the added element of commissioner Bud Selig all but explicitly saying he would veto any trade involving Stanton.

The odds are about one-in-a-million that Stanton is traded, but as the great Lloyd Christmas once said when facing those same odds: "so you're telling me there's a chance."

I've said before that I'd be all for trading just about every prospect the Phillies have for Stanton - he's that good - but there's a difference between hypothetical thoughts and reality.

Let's pretend for a minute that a Stanton trade was on the table this week. You would have every GM in Nashville - including the GM of the local Hooters - knocking on the Marlins' door, and the majority of those teams have much better prospects to offer than the Phillies.

They would at least have to offer them Brown, Ruf and three of the baby aces (Cloyd, Pettibone, May, Biddle, and Martin), and even that may not be enough.

If the planets were to align and somehow Reuben Amaro Jr. pulled a Stanton trade out of nowhere, it would have to be the most fly-by-night operation in the history of baseball and would be investigated more than the Kennedy assassination.

Q: FamjLive (@fredmaples) - What about [Michael] Morse?

A: This feels more like a soft sale to me, as they could always decide to keep Morse as their everyday first baseman if they don't re-sign Adam LaRoche. Still, things can change rapidly at the winter meetings, and Morse could be on the move for the right deal.

Either way, it's hard to imagine the Phillies as a potential suitor for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, the Nationals would have to be desperate - which they aren't - to trade him to a division rival, least of all the Phillies. Last year's crusade to keep Phillies fans out of Nationals Park pretty much guarantees they would trade Morse just about anywhere else.

Second, the Nationals have a deep, young rotation and all the Phillies have to offer is pitching. All things equal, I think Morse would be a nice fit with the Phillies, but I won't be holding my breath.

Q: David Sowisdral (@Fightin_Phils424) - If Amaro could surprise the fan base with a player no one is thinking about, who would he be?

A: Tough to say. The fans this year seem hungry for moves, and I'm not sure a total re-vamping of their roster is the best move in the long run. Getting healthy will make a world of difference as opposed to making another blockbuster move.

Still, I have a weird feeling we haven't heard the last of Josh Hamilton with the Phillies. The situation feels a heck of a lot like 2010 when the Phils stole Cliff Lee in the middle of the night. I'm not saying it's going to happen - and I hope it doesn't - but I'm reluctant to close the door just yet.

I'd also keep a close eye on the Colorado Rockies as potential sellers. They've been in rebuilding mode the last couple of years and they still have a few pieces that could help them acquire some young talent. You could hear Troy Tulowitzki and Dexter Fowler mentioned, and the Phillies may be interested.

What they do this winter greatly depends on how the Phillies want to approach the season. Will 2013 be another World Series or bust kind of year? If so, you could see moves as extreme as Hamilton and Angel Pagan.

I think more low-profile moves that help the team get younger is a much better strategy. I like Pagan in center, but otherwise I would like to see the development of guys like Dominic Brown, Darin Ruf and Cody Asche as well as their Baby Aces.

Thanks for your questions everyone. Talking baseball with Philadelphia is always entertaining. Keep following me on twitter for more Q&A and updates.

Scott is a regular contributor to Yahoo! Sports, Football Nation and The Gaming Advisory. He grew up in the Philadelphia area and currently resides in the nearby suburb of West Chester. Follow Scott on twitter - @scottlentz27 - for more Phillies commentary.

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