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Monaco, PSG angling after Petr Cech

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Although we haven't yet heard of any official bids regarding Petr Cechif the Telegraph is any guide they're almost certainly on their way. Now second-choice after Thibaut Courtois got the not between the sticks for Burnley, the 32-year-old can't be completely happy at Stamford Bridge, and he's still good enough to attract the attention of rather a lot of teams. Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco are, say Matt Law, prepared to offer him a loan move, and both sides plus Real Madrid are interested in a permanent deal.

As the linked article mentions, the reason the loan idea has primacy is obviously the possibility of a recall should the great Courtois experiment go wrong. But given that it probably won't, it might be worth it for the club to sell Cech and re-invest that money before the window closes. The fact that we're getting leaks about unhappy Cech was with both the decision to bench him and Jose Mourinho's lack of transparency in the decision-making process doesn't bode well for his future at the club, and if we're not going to get the ideal of two world-class keepers (an ideal that's a pretty weird use of resources, in my opinion), it starts to make sense to turn one of them into a large pile of money.

But that's just the financial side. Emotionally ... yikes. Petr going would be sad.

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