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MLS May Be Close to Making a Stadium Deal in New York City: Fan View

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MLS May Be Close to Making a Stadium Deal in New York City: Fan View

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MLS commissioner Don Garber continues to pursue his dream of adding a second team in New York. At a press conference on Oct. 5, Garber indicated that a deal to build a Major League Soccer stadium in Queens, New York City, could be completed within the next month. Garber may be advocating for the project, but residents have voiced multiple concerns about the possibility of adding a new team in the area.

The Future of MLS at Flushing Meadows Corona Park

The first reports about commissioner Don Garber's pursuit of a stadium deal in Queens surfaced in Aug. 2012. The MLS expansion has been one of the hot topics in the league for several years with the future of the 20th team undecided. Garber has not hidden his desire to see a second team in New York and has been pushing for a new stadium to be built in Queens, New York City.

The commissioner has already selected Flushing Meadows Corona Park as the area for the future stadium. Rumors in Aug. indicated that he had plans for the construction and was simply waiting for approval. The press conference on Oct. 5 revealed Don Garber thinks the stadium deal can be finalized in a month.


Many residents have stated that they are not thrilled about the addition of a new stadium and MLS team in the area while the Fairness Coalition of Queens has been sharing the potential issues surrounding the expansion. The 25,000-seat stadium is expected to take up to 13 acres of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, so MLS will have to replace the park area it destroys. Don Garber remains elusive about these plans.

There are also concerns about the cost of the new stadium, estimated to be about $300 million, and how Major League Soccer will pay for the addition. Garber has pointed out that private funding will support the project, yet there have been no reports of investors. Where will MLS find $300 million with most teams not making a profit? As fans wait for answers to this question, the Chicago Fire and the rest of the league could be affected by Garber's solution.

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