MLS Joins Homeland Security’s PSA: Fan View

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MLS has been included in a public service announcement (PSA) from the Department of Homeland Security that encourages fans to reports suspicious activities at events. MLS commissioner Don Garber has been busy tweeting about the new PSA. Despite recent rumors, Major League Soccer has given no indication that it plans to feature individual teams in future campaigns.

Homeland Security and MLS

MLS has joined the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL in the new PSA from the Department of Homeland Security. Its inclusion is a positive sign that the league continues to gain acceptance. The video for the PSA features the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign. Although this campaign was first used in 2010, MLS and the other sports organizations have been included in the PSA for the first time on Aug. 27. The department is encouraging fans to remain vigilant during events and report suspicious activity.

Commissioner Don Garber's Reaction

MLS commissioner Don Garber has not been hiding his excitement about being included in the official announcement of the PSA. On his official Twitter account, Garber has posted a link to the Homeland Security page on the campaign and added a photograph of the event. Garber has included a photo with Janet Napolitano and the NBA commissioner David Stern. The official Twitter account for Homeland Security also mentioned the sports organizations used in the announcement. This is the first official announcement from the department about the PSA.

The Participation of Individual Teams in Future Campaigns

The new PSA has led to rumors that MLS plans on featuring individual teams in future campaigns. First, Major League Soccer has not confirmed if more public service announcements have been planned. In addition, there has been no information about team features in possible campaigns. MLS does not seem to be planning to use the Chicago Fire or any other team in the league for this purpose. The NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL have also not released this type of information. If the sports organizations are included in future campaigns, fans may continue to see generic material that does not indicate a specific team.

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