MLS Confirms Expansion Reports for 2016: Fan View

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MLS has provided more information on its expansion plans for New York City and has set 2016 as the date that the league hopes will be the new team's debut. Although MLS has been linked to other cities as potential expansion candidates, it does not plan to consider them for the 20th team. Despite selecting a site in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, private investors have not been revealed and are rumored to not exist at this point.

The 20th MLS Team will be in Queens

MLS is finally having open discussions about its plans to create the 20th team in Queens, New York City. The league has already selected Flushing Meadows Park as the future site of a new 25,000-seat stadium. Officials are hyping it as an "ideal location" for a future club that will be funded completely through private means. The plans for the stadium have already been created, and MLS hopes to begin construction in 2014. Officials continue to face criticism about the destruction of park space for the stadium, but they insist that any green space removed by the construction will be replaced in another area.

The Search for an Owner and a Team

Major League Soccer has presented its plans for the new team without identifying any names because they do not exist at this point. The league is still searching for a potential owner and club to occupy the future $300 million stadium at Flushing Meadows Park. The New York Cosmos have been vying for a way to join MLS for several years and appear to be on the top of the list for the 20th team. Eric Cantona, who is the current director of soccer for the New York Cosmos, has been cited as a possible owner of the 20th team. However, the former soccer player is not the only option for MLS while it searches for someone willing to invest millions in the new club. Chuck Blazer, a former FIFA Executive Committee member who was involved in the 2011 bribery scandal, has also allegedly shown an interest in owning an MLS team.

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