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MLB September Meltdowns: Choking Teams Not for the Faint of Heart

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The Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers have had famous September collapses in Major League Baseball history.

Below are 10 unforgettable baseball chokes:

1 - 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers - The Dodgers led the National League by 13 games, but finished tied with the Giants. Bobby Thompson's "shot heard 'round the world" home run in Game 3 of a playoff ended it.

2 - 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers - The Dodgers opened Dodger Stadium and won at a blistering pace. Despite winning 102 games, they ended up tied with the Giants and lost another playoff.

3 - 1964 Philadelphia Phillies - On Sept. 20, the Phillies held a 6 1/2 game lead over the Reds and Cardinals. Seven days later, they trailed by 1 1/2 games.

4 - 1969 Chicago Cubs - The Cubs led the National League East Division for 155 days of the 1969 season. In September, they went 8-17.

5 - 1978 Boston Red Sox - On Sept. 7, the Yankees -- four games behind -- came to Boston for a four-game series. The Yankees outscored the Sox 42-9, assisted by 12 Boston errors in "The Boston Massacre."

6 - 1987 Toronto Blue Jays - The Blue Jays had a 3 1/2-game lead over the Detroit Tigers with seven games left. By season's end, they trailed by two.

7 - 1995 California Angels - The Angels had a 10 1/2-game lead over Seattle. They lost 29 of 43 games, including nine straight.

8 - 2007 New York Mets - With 16 games remaining, the Mets held a seven-game lead over the Phillies. A pitching meltdown lost them six games in nine days.

9 - 2009 Detroit Tigers - The 2009 Detroit Tigers took over first place May 10 -- which they held until losing a one-game playoff with the Twins to end the season.

10 - 2011 Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves - The Braves held an 8 1/2-game wild-card lead on Sept. 6 and became the first team in MLB history to blow an eight-game lead in September. In parallel, the Red Sox held a nine-game lead for the wild card on Sept. 3. They broke the Braves' record an hour after the Braves finished.

Anthony Mercado grew up in San Diego watching the Padres. He moved to Detroit 12 years ago and is a true Tigers fan despite the 1985 World Series.
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