ML-universe Auction Draft

Brandon Funston

Yahoo! Sports' Fantasy was recently invited to participate in expert auction drafts on Each of these three drafts (AL-only, NL-only and ML-universe) consisted of 12 teams, all of which had $260 to spend on 28 players (14 on offense, nine pitchers and a five-man reserve list).

Here is a look at the ML-universe auction results, listed in descending order from the highest salaried player to the lowest:

(Note: Kudos to for an online auction draft applet that deftly managed the tough task of bringing the thrills of the auction experience to the internet)

Auction draft results: ML-universe | AL-only | NL-only ML-universe Experts Draft
Player Team Owner Salary
Vladimir Guerrero Angels (LAA) BaseballHQ 44
Carl Crawford Devil Rays (TB) BaseballHQ 43
Carlos Beltran Mets (NYM) Addict Fantasy Sports 42
Albert Pujols Cardinals (STL) BaseballHQ 41
Johan Santana Twins (MIN) Rotochamps 41
Miguel Tejada Orioles (BAL) CBS SportsLine 40
Alex Rodriguez Yankees (NYY) FantasyAuctioneer 38
Alfonso Soriano Rangers (TEX) Smart Guy Sports 36
Bobby Abreu Phillies (PHI) Smart Guy Sports 36
Todd Helton Rockies (COL) MockDraftCentral 36
Randy Johnson Yankees (NYY) Baseballdoctors 35
Manny Ramirez Red Sox (BOS) CBS SportsLine 35
Eric Gagne Dodgers (LAD) Baseballdoctors 35
Barry Bonds Giants (SF) 34
Jason Schmidt Giants (SF) FantasyAuctioneer 33
Ichiro Suzuki Mariners (SEA) Addict Fantasy Sports 33
Mark Prior Cubs (CHC) CBS SportsLine 30
Mark Teixeira Rangers (TEX) TalentedMrRoto 30
Scott Rolen Cardinals (STL) BaseballHQ 30
Gary Sheffield Yankees (NYY) Addict Fantasy Sports 29
Ben Sheets Brewers (MIL) Smart Guy Sports 29
Miguel Cabrera Marlins (FLA) TalentedMrRoto 29
David Ortiz Red Sox (BOS) Smart Guy Sports 28
Adrian Beltre Mariners (SEA) Rotochamps 28
Marcus Giles Braves (ATL) Rotochamps 27
Pedro Martinez Mets (NYM) Baseballdoctors 27
Aramis Ramirez Cubs (CHC) Smart Guy Sports 27
Juan Pierre Marlins (FLA) RotoPass 27
Jim Thome Phillies (PHI) CBS SportsLine 26
Francisco Rodriguez Angels (LAA) RotoPass 26
Curt Schilling Red Sox (BOS) RotoPass 26
Mariano Rivera Yankees (NYY) FantasyAuctioneer 25
Jim Edmonds Cardinals (STL) RotoPass 25
Tim Hudson Braves (ATL) 25
Oliver Perez Pirates (PIT) TalentedMrRoto 25
Brad Lidge Astros (HOU) RotoPass 25
Jake Peavy Padres (SD) MockDraftCentral 24
Adam Dunn Reds (CIN) TalentedMrRoto 24
Michael Young Rangers (TEX) Yahoo! Sports 24
Corey Patterson Cubs (CHC) Smart Guy Sports 24
Aubrey Huff Devil Rays (TB) Yahoo! Sports 24
Carlos Delgado Marlins (FLA) Rotochamps 23
Carlos Lee Brewers (MIL) MockDraftCentral 23
Melvin Mora Orioles (BAL) TalentedMrRoto 23
Derek Jeter Yankees (NYY) Addict Fantasy Sports 23
Jimmy Rollins Phillies (PHI) BaseballHQ 23
Nomar Garciaparra Cubs (CHC) Yahoo! Sports 23
Roy Oswalt Astros (HOU) RotoPass 23
Eric Chavez Athletics (OAK) Rotochamps 23
David Wright Mets (NYM) RotoPass 22
Scott Podsednik White Sox (CHW) TalentedMrRoto 22
Hank Blalock Rangers (TEX) 21
Aaron Rowand White Sox (CHW) Addict Fantasy Sports 21
Hideki Matsui Yankees (NYY) 21
Edgar Renteria Red Sox (BOS) MockDraftCentral 20
Derrek Lee Cubs (CHC) 20
Shawn Green Diamondbacks (ARI) RotoPass 20
John Smoltz Braves (ATL) Addict Fantasy Sports 20
Carlos Zambrano Cubs (CHC) Addict Fantasy Sports 19
Octavio Dotel Athletics (OAK) Baseballdoctors 19
Kerry Wood Cubs (CHC) FantasyAuctioneer 19
Rich Harden Athletics (OAK) FantasyAuctioneer 19
Victor Martinez Indians (CLE) Rotochamps 19
Magglio Ordonez Tigers (DET) CBS SportsLine 18
Jeff Kent Dodgers (LAD) Yahoo! Sports 18
Roger Clemens Astros (HOU) MockDraftCentral 18
Justin Morneau Twins (MIN) Addict Fantasy Sports 18
Sammy Sosa Orioles (BAL) Baseballdoctors 17
Chone Figgins Angels (LAA) CBS SportsLine 17
Roy Halladay Blue Jays (TOR) Addict Fantasy Sports 17
Rafael Furcal Braves (ATL) Addict Fantasy Sports 16
Garret Anderson Angels (LAA) BaseballHQ 16
Mike Lowell Marlins (FLA) 16
Billy Wagner Phillies (PHI) 16
Josh Beckett Marlins (FLA) CBS SportsLine 16
Brian Giles Padres (SD) Baseballdoctors 16
Carlos Guillen Tigers (DET) MockDraftCentral 15
Sean Casey Reds (CIN) MockDraftCentral 15
Chipper Jones Braves (ATL) MockDraftCentral 15
Richie Sexson Mariners (SEA) Yahoo! Sports 15
Moises Alou Giants (SF) Yahoo! Sports 15
Ivan Rodriguez Tigers (DET) Baseballdoctors 15
Jason Bay Pirates (PIT) 14
Paul Konerko White Sox (CHW) TalentedMrRoto 14
Javy Lopez Orioles (BAL) BaseballHQ 14
Keith Foulke Red Sox (BOS) Baseballdoctors 14
Vernon Wells Blue Jays (TOR) Rotochamps 14
Mike Mussina Yankees (NYY) 14
Brad Wilkerson Nationals (WAS) MockDraftCentral 14
Orlando Cabrera Angels (LAA) TalentedMrRoto 14
Lance Berkman Astros (HOU) Yahoo! Sports 13
Mark Mulder Cardinals (STL) 13
Mike Piazza Mets (NYM) Yahoo! Sports 13
Johnny Damon Red Sox (BOS) Baseballdoctors 13
Jorge Posada Yankees (NYY) Yahoo! Sports 13
Travis Hafner Indians (CLE) FantasyAuctioneer 13
Armando Benitez Giants (SF) Yahoo! Sports 13
Ramon Hernandez Padres (SD) Smart Guy Sports 12
Joe Nathan Twins (MIN) RotoPass 12
Francisco Cordero Rangers (TEX) CBS SportsLine 12
J.D. Drew Dodgers (LAD) Yahoo! Sports 11
Randy Winn Mariners (SEA) MockDraftCentral 11
Dan Kolb Braves (ATL) CBS SportsLine 11
Jason Varitek Red Sox (BOS) CBS SportsLine 11
Pat Burrell Phillies (PHI) RotoPass 11
Coco Crisp Indians (CLE) TalentedMrRoto 11
Jose Guillen Nationals (WAS) 11
Brad Radke Twins (MIN) Baseballdoctors 11
Troy Glaus Diamondbacks (ARI) BaseballHQ 11
A.J. Burnett Marlins (FLA) TalentedMrRoto 10
Mark Loretta Padres (SD) MockDraftCentral 10
Bartolo Colon Angels (LAA) 10
Javier Vazquez Diamondbacks (ARI) MockDraftCentral 10
Kazuo Matsui Mets (NYM) Rotochamps 10
Jeremy Bonderman Tigers (DET) Yahoo! Sports 10
Livan Hernandez Nationals (WAS) MockDraftCentral 10
Andruw Jones Braves (ATL) FantasyAuctioneer 10
Jose Reyes Mets (NYM) TalentedMrRoto 10
Bret Boone Mariners (SEA) Rotochamps 10
Trevor Hoffman Padres (SD) Yahoo! Sports 10
Ryan Freel Reds (CIN) Yahoo! Sports 10
Barry Zito Athletics (OAK) FantasyAuctioneer 9
Jason Isringhausen Cardinals (STL) Smart Guy Sports 9
Geoff Jenkins Brewers (MIL) FantasyAuctioneer 9
Khalil Greene Padres (SD) RotoPass 9
Michael Barrett Cubs (CHC) Rotochamps 9
Torii Hunter Twins (MIN) FantasyAuctioneer 9
Greg Maddux Cubs (CHC) MockDraftCentral 9
Larry Walker Cardinals (STL) 8
Dave Roberts Padres (SD) CBS SportsLine 8
Odalis Perez Dodgers (LAD) TalentedMrRoto 8
Jeff Bagwell Astros (HOU) Yahoo! Sports 8
Shingo Takatsu White Sox (CHW) Rotochamps 8
Chris Carpenter Cardinals (STL) 8
Joe Mauer Twins (MIN) 8
Joel Pineiro Mariners (SEA) Rotochamps 8
Johnny Estrada Braves (ATL) CBS SportsLine 8
Dontrelle Willis Marlins (FLA) FantasyAuctioneer 8
Jose Vidro Nationals (WAS) MockDraftCentral 8
Brandon Webb Diamondbacks (ARI) Yahoo! Sports 8
Freddy Garcia White Sox (CHW) Yahoo! Sports 8
Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks (ARI) 8
A.J. Pierzynski White Sox (CHW) Smart Guy Sports 7
B.J. Ryan Orioles (BAL) TalentedMrRoto 7
Mark Buehrle White Sox (CHW) Rotochamps 7
Jason Kendall Athletics (OAK) FantasyAuctioneer 7
Matt Clement Red Sox (BOS) MockDraftCentral 7
Jeff Weaver Dodgers (LAD) Smart Guy Sports 7
Kevin Mench Rangers (TEX) TalentedMrRoto 7
Steve Finley Angels (LAA) Yahoo! Sports 7
Guillermo Mota Marlins (FLA) Baseballdoctors 7
Austin Kearns Reds (CIN) Baseballdoctors 7
Zack Greinke Royals (KCR) Addict Fantasy Sports 6
Carl Pavano Yankees (NYY) Baseballdoctors 6
Aaron Boone Indians (CLE) RotoPass 6
Adam Eaton Padres (SD) FantasyAuctioneer 6
Ken Griffey Jr. Reds (CIN) Smart Guy Sports 6
Jeremy Affeldt Royals (KCR) TalentedMrRoto 6
Lew Ford Twins (MIN) FantasyAuctioneer 6
Shannon Stewart Twins (MIN) BaseballHQ 6
Chase Utley Phillies (PHI) RotoPass 6
Richard Hidalgo Rangers (TEX) FantasyAuctioneer 6
Mike Sweeney Royals (KCR) Smart Guy Sports 6
Cliff Floyd Mets (NYM) BaseballHQ 6
Omar Infante Tigers (DET) RotoPass 6
Braden Looper Mets (NYM) Smart Guy Sports 6
Craig Wilson Pirates (PIT) FantasyAuctioneer 6
Brandon Inge Tigers (DET) Yahoo! Sports 6
Brian Roberts Orioles (BAL) Baseballdoctors 6
Troy Percival Tigers (DET) CBS SportsLine 6
Juan Uribe White Sox (CHW) FantasyAuctioneer 6
Lyle Overbay Brewers (MIL) FantasyAuctioneer 6
Tadahito Iguchi White Sox (CHW) Baseballdoctors 5
Dallas McPherson Angels (LAA) Addict Fantasy Sports 5
Jaret Wright Yankees (NYY) Rotochamps 5
Paul Lo Duca Marlins (FLA) BaseballHQ 5
Ray Durham Giants (SF) 5
Jon Lieber Phillies (PHI) BaseballHQ 5
Eric Byrnes Athletics (OAK) FantasyAuctioneer 5
Kris Benson Mets (NYM) BaseballHQ 5
Erubiel Durazo Athletics (OAK) MockDraftCentral 5
Ryan Madson Phillies (PHI) FantasyAuctioneer 5
J.D. Closser Rockies (COL) FantasyAuctioneer 4
Jacque Jones Twins (MIN) Rotochamps 4
Danny Graves Reds (CIN) Rotochamps 4
Danys Baez Devil Rays (TB) TalentedMrRoto 4
Scott Kazmir Devil Rays (TB) Yahoo! Sports 4
Eddie Guardado Mariners (SEA) RotoPass 4
Kelvim Escobar Angels (LAA) TalentedMrRoto 4
Chad Cordero Nationals (WAS) Smart Guy Sports 4
Phil Nevin Padres (SD) Baseballdoctors 4
Kip Wells Pirates (PIT) FantasyAuctioneer 4
John Buck Royals (KCR) TalentedMrRoto 4
Ryan Klesko Padres (SD) Smart Guy Sports 4
Rafael Palmeiro Orioles (BAL) Baseballdoctors 3
Mark Kotsay Athletics (OAK) MockDraftCentral 3
Jason Giambi Yankees (NYY) FantasyAuctioneer 3
Ted Lilly Blue Jays (TOR) Rotochamps 3
Cesar Izturis Dodgers (LAD) FantasyAuctioneer 3
Mike Lieberthal Phillies (PHI) Baseballdoctors 3
Milton Bradley Dodgers (LAD) FantasyAuctioneer 3
Wily Mo Pena Reds (CIN) CBS SportsLine 3
Alex Rios Blue Jays (TOR) CBS SportsLine 3
Dmitri Young Tigers (DET) RotoPass 3
Bob Wickman Indians (CLE) Baseballdoctors 3
John Thomson Braves (ATL) TalentedMrRoto 3
Corey Koskie Blue Jays (TOR) CBS SportsLine 3
Preston Wilson Rockies (COL) Baseballdoctors 3
Trot Nixon Red Sox (BOS) Baseballdoctors 3
Luis Castillo Marlins (FLA) MockDraftCentral 3
Kyle Lohse Twins (MIN) Yahoo! Sports 3
C.C. Sabathia Indians (CLE) Smart Guy Sports 2
B.J. Upton Devil Rays (TB) Smart Guy Sports 2
Jake Westbrook Indians (CLE) Smart Guy Sports 2
Danny Haren Athletics (OAK) Yahoo! Sports 2
Mark Bellhorn Red Sox (BOS) Smart Guy Sports 2
Larry Bigbie Orioles (BAL) Rotochamps 2
Casey Blake Indians (CLE) Smart Guy Sports 2
Jason Lane Astros (HOU) Rotochamps 2
Matt Lawton Pirates (PIT) Smart Guy Sports 2
David DeJesus Royals (KCR) Rotochamps 2
David Wells Red Sox (BOS) RotoPass 2
Derek Lowe Dodgers (LAD) Baseballdoctors 2
Jeremy Reed Mariners (SEA) Rotochamps 2
Jerome Williams Giants (SF) 2
Kevin Millar Red Sox (BOS) CBS SportsLine 2
Chris Burke Astros (HOU) TalentedMrRoto 2
Nick Johnson Nationals (WAS) RotoPass 2
Miguel Batista Blue Jays (TOR) Smart Guy Sports 2
Mike Adams Brewers (MIL) CBS SportsLine 2
Mike Gonzalez Pirates (PIT) CBS SportsLine 2
Akinori Otsuka Padres (SD) Baseballdoctors 2
Al Leiter Marlins (FLA) CBS SportsLine 2
Andy Pettitte Astros (HOU) BaseballHQ 2
Noah Lowry Giants (SF) Yahoo! Sports 2
Bobby Crosby Athletics (OAK) Smart Guy Sports 2
Rocco Baldelli Devil Rays (TB) CBS SportsLine 2
Joe Borowski Cubs (CHC) CBS SportsLine 2
Jose Cruz Jr. Diamondbacks (ARI) Rotochamps 2
Brad Penny Dodgers (LAD) Smart Guy Sports 2
Brady Clark Brewers (MIL) Rotochamps 2
Greg Aquino Diamondbacks (ARI) 2
Brian Lawrence Padres (SD) Smart Guy Sports 2
Bronson Arroyo Red Sox (BOS) Smart Guy Sports 2
J.J. Putz Mariners (SEA) Yahoo! Sports 1
Jack Wilson Pirates (PIT) Baseballdoctors 1
Wade Miller Red Sox (BOS) RotoPass 1
Yadier Molina Cardinals (STL) MockDraftCentral 1
Calvin Pickering Royals (KCR) Smart Guy Sports 1
Vance Wilson Tigers (DET) BaseballHQ 1
Randy Wolf Phillies (PHI) 1
Darin Erstad Angels (LAA) Baseballdoctors 1
Carlos Pena Tigers (DET) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Aaron Miles Rockies (COL) 1
Garrett Atkins Rockies (COL) MockDraftCentral 1
Jason Bartlett Twins (MIN) Smart Guy Sports 1
Jason Frasor Blue Jays (TOR) BaseballHQ 1
Jason LaRue Reds (CIN) RotoPass 1
Jason Marquis Cardinals (STL) Rotochamps 1
Nate Robertson Tigers (DET) BaseballHQ 1
LaTroy Hawkins Cubs (CHC) 1
Matt Holliday Rockies (COL) TalentedMrRoto 1
Matt Morris Cardinals (STL) TalentedMrRoto 1
Raul Ibanez Mariners (SEA) Baseballdoctors 1
Raul Mondesi Braves (ATL) TalentedMrRoto 1
David Riske Indians (CLE) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Gavin Floyd Phillies (PHI) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Jay Gibbons Orioles (BAL) RotoPass 1
Laynce Nix Rangers (TEX) Yahoo! Sports 1
Scott Linebrink Padres (SD) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Sean Burroughs Padres (SD) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Pedro Feliz Giants (SF) Yahoo! Sports 1
Jeff Francis Rockies (COL) TalentedMrRoto 1
Reggie Sanders Cardinals (STL) MockDraftCentral 1
Ben Broussard Indians (CLE) RotoPass 1
Benito Santiago Pirates (PIT) 1
Kenny Lofton Phillies (PHI) Yahoo! Sports 1
Jermaine Dye White Sox (CHW) BaseballHQ 1
Bernie Williams Yankees (NYY) BaseballHQ 1
Jeromy Burnitz Cubs (CHC) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Terrmel Sledge Nationals (WAS) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Jerry Hairston Jr. Cubs (CHC) Rotochamps 1
Jesse Crain Twins (MIN) BaseballHQ 1
Kevin Brown Yankees (NYY) Baseballdoctors 1
Kevin Millwood Indians (CLE) BaseballHQ 1
Ugueth Urbina Tigers (DET) BaseballHQ 1
Chad Tracy Diamondbacks (ARI) RotoPass 1
Shea Hillenbrand Blue Jays (TOR) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Yhency Brazoban Dodgers (LAD) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Chin-Hui Tsao Rockies (COL) RotoPass 1
Vicente Padilla Phillies (PHI) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Michael Cuddyer Twins (MIN) BaseballHQ 1
Nick Swisher Athletics (OAK) CBS SportsLine 1
Victor Zambrano Mets (NYM) Rotochamps 1
Miguel Olivo Mariners (SEA) TalentedMrRoto 1
Mike Cameron Mets (NYM) RotoPass 1
Mike Matheny Giants (SF) MockDraftCentral 1
Tike Redman Pirates (PIT) MockDraftCentral 1
Gil Meche Mariners (SEA) Rotochamps 1
Wilson Alvarez Dodgers (LAD) RotoPass 1
Tim Wakefield Red Sox (BOS) 1
Vinny Castilla Nationals (WAS) Baseballdoctors 1
Placido Polanco Phillies (PHI) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Cliff Lee Indians (CLE) BaseballHQ 1
Clint Barmes Rockies (COL) 1
Angel Berroa Royals (KCR) TalentedMrRoto 1
Bobby Madritsch Mariners (SEA) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Toby Hall Devil Rays (TB) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Rod Barajas Rangers (TEX) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Todd Walker Cubs (CHC) 1
Rodrigo Lopez Orioles (BAL) CBS SportsLine 1
Joe Crede White Sox (CHW) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Tom Gordon Yankees (NYY) 1
Tony Armas Nationals (WAS) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Woody Williams Padres (SD) RotoPass 1
Horacio Ramirez Braves (ATL) CBS SportsLine 1
Morgan Ensberg Astros (HOU) BaseballHQ 1
Jose Capellan Brewers (MIL) MockDraftCentral 1
Jose Mesa Pirates (PIT) Rotochamps 1
Jose Valverde Diamondbacks (ARI) TalentedMrRoto 1
Josh Phelps Devil Rays (TB) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Doug Davis Brewers (MIL) Yahoo! Sports 1
Brad Hawpe Rockies (COL) BaseballHQ 1
Craig Biggio Astros (HOU) 1
Craig Monroe Tigers (DET) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Frank Thomas White Sox (CHW) CBS SportsLine 1
Brendan Donnelly Angels (LAA) CBS SportsLine 1
Brian Fuentes Rockies (COL) MockDraftCentral 1
Brian Schneider Nationals (WAS) RotoPass 1
Orlando Hudson Blue Jays (TOR) Addict Fantasy Sports 1
Juan Rincon Twins (MIN) TalentedMrRoto 1
Juan Rivera Angels (LAA) BaseballHQ 1
Julio Lugo Devil Rays (TB) CBS SportsLine 1
Dustan Mohr Rockies (COL) BaseballHQ 1
Justin Speier Blue Jays (TOR) MockDraftCentral 1
Ryan Dempster Cubs (CHC) MockDraftCentral 1