Minor-league team introduces excellent on-field rally caps

The Altoona Curve will have on-field rally caps this season. (Getty Images/Justin Berl)
The Altoona Curve will have on-field rally caps this season. (Getty Images/Justin Berl)

Picture this: You’re at the ballpark rooting on your team. It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. They are … not playing so well.

It’s been a tough game. Your starting pitcher coughed up a ton of runs early, and your team’s offense has been stymied by the opponent’s journeyman fourth starter. But you’re a true fan, and you’re going to stick this one out.

Things look bleak, but you’re determined to stay optimistic. To show you still have faith in your team, you turn your hat inside out and place it on your head. The players on the field see it. The inside-out hat looks pathetic. Your favorite team goes down 1-2-3 in the ninth to lose the game in spectacular fashion.

You curse to yourself. “Things could have been different if I didn’t look like such a fool out there,” you say. Thanks to New Era, that will no longer be a concern. Now, you can look stylish while wearing your rally cap.

The company teamed with the Altoona Curve, a Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate, to reveal its first-ever on-field rally cap.

What do you think? The whole idea is unusual, but we kinda like it. It’s stylish enough to separate itself from other caps, but it’s silly enough to honor the strange rally cap tradition. This is a cap that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s fitting considering the wacky nature of minor-league baseball.

If you’re interested in picking one up, they are available over at the Altoona Curve website for $32. You can buy them here.

While we find the whole thing entertaining, we’re not sure whether it will catch on with other teams. Rally caps are typically worn when the home team is down big. “We’re going to be down late often” isn’t a message teams typically want to convey to their fans.

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