Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown Possibility: A Fan's Take

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The 2012 Major League Baseball season is entering its final weekend and mid-week series, and we may very well see history. Third baseman Miguel Cabrera is a very serious contender for the American League Triple Crown, which would mean winning the batting average, home run, and RBI titles. If Cabrera makes it, he will become the first player since Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox in 1967 to do so. Cabrera has six games left as of September 28.

Cabrera's Triple Crown Statistics

At the start of play on September 28, Cabrera currently leads the American League in hitting at .326 and RBI with 133. He has 42 home runs - currently second place.

Cabrera's Competition


This is the toughest of the three categories to win because average can go down. Right behind him are the Minnesota Twins' Joe Mauer at .323 and Los Angeles Angels' rookie sensation Mike Trout at .320. Going hitless would greatly hurt Cabrera's efforts, and neither Mauer, Trout, or anyone else in contention will give in. At the normal four at-bats per game, Cabrera will need to get eight hits to raise his average. I do not see Cabrera slumping, but hard-hit balls get caught all the time.

Home runs

Cabrera trails Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers by one home run. Cabrera will face the Twins over the weekend and the Kansas City Royals to end the season. The Twins' pitchers are second in the A.L. in home runs allowed, but the Royals' pitching has been stingier (10th in the league). Both series are on the road, but when Cabrera gets hold of one, it does not matter where he is.

Runs batted in

Cabrera leads Hamilton in RBI, 133-125. This category looks safe unless Hamilton has a huge game or two and Cabrera does not. If both produce equally well for their remaining six games, then Cabrera will win the RBI title.

Pulling for Cabrera

Even though I am not a Detroit Tigers fan, I am a baseball fan. I like seeing players set records, accomplish amazing feats, and make history. I am strongly pulling for Miguel Cabrera to win the Triple Crown. I hope he gets the needed home runs quickly as that would enhance all three categories. Whether he wins it or not, I congratulate him on a fantastic season.


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