Miami Hurricanes Lose Freshman Vernon Davis to UWV Transfer: Fan Reaction

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As a huge Miami Hurricanes fan I hate to see any player leave the program, especially when they have great talent and are filled with promise. Alas, such is the case with the Canes as it was officially announced that Vernon Davis will be leaving the University of Miami and transferring to the University of West Virginia before he ever plays an official down for the team. As much as I hate to see this three star recruit go, I actually think it could be for the better.

Strong Competition

Davis, a cornerback, was a part of the Hurricanes 2012 recruiting class that is not shy on talent in the secondary. In fact, as far as cornerbacks go, the Canes landed the number one rated cornerback, according to ESPN, in Tracy Howard. In contrast, Davis was ranked 57th in the nation at the position. So, with a Miami team that is going to be quite strong at the corner position for some time to come, that kind of competition likely proved to be too much for Davis.

Easy Way Out?

With all the talent that The U now boasts in the secondary there were really only two ways for Davis to get to a starting role. Either he got lucky as a backup and found himself able to take advantage of another player's misfortune or he worked his tail off and improved so much that the coaches had no choice but to see how great a player he really is. Once given a chance, if he made the most of the situation, a starting role might have blossomed. But, that's not what happened in this case.

This leads me to believe that Davis is transferring because he is seeking an easy way out. Not taking anything away from the West Virginia football program, but there may be a better chance of Davis starting there as opposed to with the Canes. How else can it be explained that a player would leave before the start of his first season only to be forced to sit out a year?

For the Better

As a Canes fan I only want to see what is good for the team as a whole. Davis, whose mother and high school coach told the Miami Herald that he was not happy, might be a bit bitter that he wasn't where he wanted to be at this point in his playing career. This in turn could have created some animosity in the locker room and that is not a good thing for the Hurricanes football program. In that regard, I am glad that Davis is leaving before that situation could unfold. Although Canes fans will never see how good he might have been, overall I think the transfer is for the better, both for Davis and the Hurricanes.

Jimmy Collins has been a loyal fan of "The U" since he was a child attending games at the original Orange Bowl. Still a resident of South Florida, he attends numerous Miami Hurricanes games each season and enjoys writing about NCAA Football and the Miami Hurricanes in particular.

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