Miami Hurricanes Head Coach Al Golden Wants No More Selfishness: Fan Reaction

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Being a lifelong fan of the Miami Hurricanes has allowed me to see some great players and great coaches come through the program. So far I am extremely impressed with how well Al Golden has been able to lead the Canes despite the numerous distractions the team is facing. Now it seems that with the start of the 2012 season closing in, some of the Hurricanes players are showing a bit of selfishness, which coach Golden is having no part of.

Business as Usual

For Al Golden and the rest of the Miami Hurricanes coaching staff it is just business as usual. Watching a video of the coaches during a recent blocking drill shows just how intense and dedicated they all are. So, when I hear that there are players who are being selfish with the season just about to get underway, I have to say I am a bit disturbed.

Prima Donnas - No Thank You

To me there is a difference between being cocky and being selfish. Being a bit on the cocky side is a good thing for the players as it helps bolster their confidence. However, when any player gets a prima donna attitude then that can reflect on others as well. As Al Golden points out, there is no room for negative or bad attitudes on the Canes team. Because the Canes are such a young and fresh team, there really shouldn't be any sentiment other than the one to get out and compete. So, I'm with coach Golden on this one, no thanks to the prima donnas.

Rough Road Ahead

The Miami Hurricanes face a very rough road ahead. Along with having to deal with potential NCAA sanctions due to some past trouble, they also have a tough schedule this season. Their 2012 campaign starts with two road games, first against Boston College and then against Kansas State. The Canes played both these teams in 2011 only to lose both times.

Also on the list of games for 2012 are Notre Dame, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. With such a tough slate of games facing the team, the players can ill afford to be negative and/or selfish and need to remain focused on the task at hand.

Golden in Control

Al Golden admits that the Hurricanes team is not where they need to be as far as attitude goes. But, he does say that they are better off this year than they were last year. Thankfully, the Hurricanes have Al Golden at the helm and, speaking as a fan, there is no one else I'd rather see there at this point in time. Golden is maintaining control and, despite dealing with things that would make a lesser coach fold, he is maintaining his high level of intensity, which I feel will pay off in a big way at the season's end.

Jimmy Collins has been a loyal fan of "The U" since he was a child attending games at the original Orange Bowl. Still a resident of South Florida, he attends numerous Miami Hurricanes games each season and enjoys writing about NCAA Football and the Miami Hurricanes in particular.

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