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Miami Hurricanes Football Players Are like Their Mascot, the Ibis: A Fan's Perspective

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Being a true fan of the Miami Hurricanes, I am well versed in the story of the Ibis, which has represented Miami athletics since 1926. The Ibis was chosen to represent Miami athletics because in nature the bird is a leader among birds and has strength, speed and knowledge. At this point in the University of Miami football program, the players are the ones who are representative of the Ibis as they will have to use all the qualities of the Ibis in the near future.

Last to Take Shelter, First to Come Out

The Ibis is said to be the last bird to seek shelter when a hurricane is approaching and the first bird to come out once the storm has passed. Thanks to former Hurricanes booster Nev Shapiro, the Miami Hurricanes face a virtual "hurricane" of NCAA sanctions, which might come as soon as the end of this season. So, the Hurricanes will have to know when to take cover, but will also have to know when to come out.

While it will be the role of Al Golden to tell the players when it is time to seek that shelter and when it is time to re-emerge, the players will still have to go through the impending hurricane that they know is coming. So, like the Ibis, the Hurricanes players are all standing their ground and are refusing to waiver.

New Recruits Especially Like Ibis

While the current players that were on the Hurricanes roster are all in deed brave and admired by fans like me for not jumping ship when things got bad, I am especially impressed with the bravery of the new recruits. Many of these young men could have chosen to play elsewhere for their college careers, but they chose to be brave and weather the upcoming storm. In fact, despite the troubles Miami is facing, they still managed the number eight recruiting class for 2012, according to Athlon Sports.

Watching Sebastian Differently

Every season I go to numerous Miami Hurricanes home games and this year will be no different. What will be different is the way that I view their mascot, Sebastian the Ibis. Usually, I just look forward to him doing his "C-A-N-E-S" spell out after the Hurricanes score, but this season I will look at him and the rest of the Hurricanes squad with pride as a fan of "The U." While they haven't had to seek shelter from the "hurricane" just yet, that time will come, but so too will the re-emergence of the Hurricanes and their rise back to national prominence.

Jimmy Collins has been a loyal fan of "The U" since he was a child attending games at the original Orange Bowl. Still a resident of South Florida, he attends numerous Miami Hurricanes games each season and enjoys writing about NCAA Football and the Miami Hurricanes in particular.

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