Matt Kuchar and Parker McLachlin swim with the (very big) fishes

Have you ever been on one of those vacations where you get to swim with the dolphins? Looks kinda fun, doesn't it? Well, Matt Kuchar and Parker McLachlin will see your dolphins and raise you a whale shark. Yes, on Monday McLachlin tweeted out this photo of he and Kuchar swimming in the Pacific Ocean in the company of a 25-foot whale shark. Yowwee! Whale sharks are the largest non-mammal vertebrates and, amazingly, this 25-footer is a little on the small side -- the average adult whale shark is said to be about 31 feet long, while the largest one on record was 41 feet long. And though they contain something like 300 rows of tiny teeth, they generally feed on plankton and small fish. So while the two golfers likely weren't in danger of being eaten, I repeat: Yowwee! Here's McLachlin's original tweet:

--- Parker McLachlin (@ParkerMcLachlin) January 20, 2014

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