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Matt Cain and Cliff Lee Give Quick, yet Memorable Performances: Fan Reaction

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Settling in to watch the San Francisco Giants and Matt Cain face off with the Philadelphia Phillies and Cliff Lee, I just knew there was not going to be a lot of offense with those two on the mound. In fact, there was no offense to speak of from either team until late in the game.

Lee and Cain, the co-aces of their respective ball clubs, worked at a torrid pace, retiring batter-after-batter in succession. At one point I looked at the clock and realized this game was moving faster than Doc Brown's DeLorean in "Back to the Future". The entire sixth inning took a total of nine minutes to complete - according to the clock on my Comcast box anyway.

It iss incredible to think that a game which started at 7:15 PDT was over at 9:42 PDT, a total of two hours and 27 minutes - spanning 11 innings. While this game never on pace to eclipse the MLB's fastest game - a 51-minute, nine-inning affair between these two franchises in 1919 - it was certainly fast by today's standards.

With Cain pitching nine scoreless innings, he was pulled in the bottom of the ninth in favor of a pinch hitter after the Giants were able to get their leadoff runner on. As for Lee, he pitched a total of 10 scoreless innings, yet neither of the two were a factor in the decision.

This regular season matchup is not one that will be easily dismissed as "just another game". This duel between two great pitchers will represent the days of old, when pitchers threw 18 innings in a double-header and then pitched the very next day. Neither Lee nor Cain wanted to leave the game and it felt as if the game could have gone all night.

I really have to say I respect Lee for the effort he put forth and in the end it was the Philadelphia defense that let the team down. I really wish Cain was left in to pitch just a little longer, but Bruce Bochy has his way of doing things and in the end it worked out. I can see why he pulled Cain when he did. He was trying to win the game right then and there and unfortunately, Cain didn't get rewarded for his work.

The win for the Giants was definitely a big one and hopefully Brandon Belt - who got on base with a single and scored the winning run in the 11th - will receive a little more playing time for his contribution.

Next, the Giants face off with the New York Mets in New York starting April 20 for a four game series.

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