Mathieu Goubel Leads Men's Canoe Sprint C-1 1000m After Semifinal Round

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The semifinal round of the canoe sprint men's c-1 1000m was held on Monday, Aug. 6, at the Summer Olympics in London. 16 of the best canoeists in the world competed in event for a chance to make the final round. The eight riders that could post the fastest times would advance to final round for a chance to win the gold medal. While the entire field was filled with great canoeists, Mathieu Goubel was able to record the fastest time at 3:51.811.

There were two separate semifinal rounds held on Monday, and the top four riders in each semifinal would advance to the final round. These eight riders will get one run on Wednesday, Aug. 8, and the rider with the fastest time will win the gold medal. The other notable riders that advanced to the final round include the gold medalist in this event from 2008, Attila Vajda of Hungary, and the silver medalist from 2008, David Cal of Spain. Both of these canoeists have proven that they can perform at the highest level, and were able to record times that were less than one second slower than Goubel. While all three of these men were able to put up great times, any of the eight finalists can walk away with the gold medal.

If I had to pick a winner, I would have to pick David Cal to win the gold medal. He has only gotten better since he won the silver medal four years ago. He also posted the fastest time in the heat round, and he was able to finish third in the semifinal round. All eight riders have posted times that are all within a few seconds of the time recorded by Mathieu Goubel, so this is an extremely tight group of canoeists. I do not trust Goubel to reach the top of the podium because he is still unproven. Goubel finished seventh in this event last year, and did not have that great of a run during the heats. Since you only get one run in the final round, one slight mistake can cost someone a spot on the podium. The level of precision that is needed to win in this event is exactly what makes it so exciting to watch.

Jake has been canoeing and kayaking many times in his life, and enjoys watching the sport every four years at the Summer Olympics.


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