Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: For the Entire Family to Enjoy

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In the Wii game Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, developed by Nintendo and SEGA, players can assume the roles of their favorite characters from the Mario and Sonic franchise games. Players use their Wii remotes along with the Nunchuk attachment to emulate actions in twenty-four events based on the Olympic Games. Though some events require the Nunchuk, it is optional for the vast majority of events.

My personal favorite event within the game is the rowing event. Players get to use the Wii remote to mimic paddling a real boat. The video game's graphics are terrific, and it adds relaxation and fun to an exercise routine. The game further serves as an excellent party game, as it is highly competitive, and as a Wii game, it actually gets people out of their seats and moving, unlike typical Xbox or Playstation games.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is similar to Wii sports in the fact that it's a sports-based game on the Wii, but it offers plenty of different events, and is much more customizable. For example, you get to choose from different characters, all with different stats and attributes to add a slight twist into the competition. In addition, the game events have a slight video-gamey twist to the original events, which keeps the kids interested after repeated plays, unlike Wii sports.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games was awarded "Best Wii game of 2007" at the Games Convention in Leipzig, and it is rated E, for everyone. Though mostly meant for children, adults can enjoy the intense exercise attributes of this game.

There is also a DS version of this game for fans who want to play this game on the go. The DS version includes mainly the same events as the Wii version, but each version has events that are not found in the other. In addition, both versions of the game include a gallery mode that includes nifty facts about the Olympics.

Though a bit old, if you buy this game now, it will be sure to bring back the excitement and nostalgia from the 2008 Olympics. You should also be able to get the game at a huge discount from a local game store, or from the Internet. If you're searching for a fun family-friendly game that will get you and your children moving, this game is a must-get.

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