Mariners Swept by Padres: Fan Reaction

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The Seattle Mariners should be ashamed of themselves. How do you let a team like the Padres come into your stadium and sweep you? How do you score only six runs in four games? And yet, that is exactly what happened as San Diego took care of business at Safeco Field to finish a three-game sweep on June 14. Sad. Just plain sad. Don't Mariner fans deserve more?

A mediocre team

Here is the problem. The Padres just aren't that good. That isn't to say that the Mariners are a contender, but when a team comes into your stadium with a 6-21 road record, you might expect as the home team to win the series. At least win a game! But, the Mariners couldn't score and the Padres leave Seattle with a stellar 9-21 road record. The M's are now 10-18 at home. Aren't you supposed to be better at home than on the road? That's right, the Mariners are 17-20 on the road. Go figure.

The wrong direction

Seattle is working hard to strength their position in the cellar of the American League West. The Mariners are now 10 1/2 games back, and if they are not careful they might not even be remotely relevant by the All Star Break. No one expects this team to fight for the division title, but you would hope that they would at least make things interesting. Right now, they are settling into a familiar pattern that we have seen over the last few seasons.

So much for growth

I know that teams go through rough patches, and that a young team is going to have some growing pains. However, the Mariners have dangled these youngsters in front of us for years, and sometimes it gets a little frustrating being patient. When will these guys all grow up and start to win? Ever? Or are we destined to grow prospects whose ceiling is just above mediocre?

Now the Giants are coming to town, and the competition is about to get even fiercer.


The author lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in Seattle and still roots faithfully for the Mariners even though they are sometimes frustrating to watch. He gets to Seattle whenever he can to see his M's. You can follow him on Twitter @tpheifer.

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