Manny Pacquiao Says Fight with Juan Manuel Marquez Won’t Be Boring: Fan View

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Manny Pacquiao claims that his fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez will not be "boring" and will entertain fans more than a rematch with Timothy Bradley. The Dec. 8 bout will be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and both boxers have stated they want a knockout. Meanwhile, a video of Pacquiao attempting to dance "Oppa Gangnam Style" has surfaced.

Pacquiao and Marquez Want a Knockout

The three previous fights between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez ended in a draw and two wins for Pacquiao. Both boxers have stated that they want the Dec. 8 fight to be definitive with a knockout. Juan Manuel Marquez has mentioned, "I know I have to work on my speed, but maybe I have to go for the knockout." Likewise, Manny Pacquiao wrote during a press conference, "I need a knockout."

Avoiding Timothy Bradley

Although the Dec. 8 welterweight fight will not be for a title, Manny Pacquiao has stated that he feels a rematch with Timothy Bradley would have created a "boring" fight that would be "one-sided." Despite ongoing criticism from fans about avoiding Floyd Mayweather Jr., he feels that the Dec. 8 fight is necessary to remove the doubt of his previous bouts with Marquez. The investigation for his June 9 fight with Timothy Bradley resulted in five judges ruling for Manny Pacquiao, but his WBO title could not be returned because of regulations. Nevertheless, Pacquiao does not seem concerned about Bradley or staging a rematch in the future.

"Oppa Gangnam Style"

Manny Pacquiao also does not seem to be concerned about his training for the Dec. 8 fight. Instead, he has been focusing on his show "Manny Many Prizes." At a recent press conference, he addressed the comments made by Timothy Bradley who called him a "chicken" for refusing a rematch. Pacquiao pointed out that Bradley would have to win "for real" next time. In addition, a video of Manny Pacquiao attempting to dance the popular "Oppa Gangnam Style" on his show has been circulating in the media since Sept. 18 and reiterates his lack of worry.

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