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Manning vs. Luck AFC Championship Would Be Worst-Case Scenario for Kansas City Chiefs

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COMMENTARY | The Kansas City Chiefs' 2013 season could not have ended in a more tragic fashion, seeing what would have been the franchise's first postseason victory in 20 years basically stolen from right under their nose.

The Indianapolis Colts erased a 28-point second-half deficit in their wild-card matchup to send the Chiefs packing for an NFL-record eighth-consecutive time in the playoffs.

Indianapolis is responsible for four of those losses (2013, 2006, 2003 and 1995).

The Colts represent just one of the haunting bookends to Kansas City's season. The other? The Denver Broncos, who have served as the primary obstacle for the Chiefs since Day 1. And if everything goes as planned for these two teams, they will be battling out in the AFC title game next weekend -- something that will add further frustration to everyone in and around the Chiefs' organization.

The two primary reasons for the success of the Broncos and Colts this season are their quarterbacks. Neither team would be in the spot they are in now without Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck under center (respectively); and seeing those two going head-to-head for the opportunity to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl is a tough pill to swallow for the Chiefs.

Kansas City lost six games this season, two each to the Broncos, Colts and the San Diego Chargers -- three of the four teams remaining in the AFC Playoffs. The New England Patriots are the fourth.

Seeing the Chargers advance just does not quite hold the same magnitude. Besides, Chiefs fans would prefer to see a whiny Philip Rivers anyway.

Something can be said about beaten by the eventual champion, but no one will deny a bit of jealousy should Manning or Luck hoist the Lombardi Trophy next month.

By the way, the Lamar Hunt Trophy is awarded to the AFC Champion -- which rubs a little more salt in the wounds.

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