Manning Brothers Among Five NFL Duos like Batman & Robin

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In "The Dark Knight Rises," Batman rides solo once again, noticeably missing his crime-fighting partner Robin. If the Batman franchise is rebooted again after Christopher Nolan's trilogy, expect Robin to join in the Blockbuster movie fun.

In the meantime, NFL fans can live metaphorically through the duo using some of the top stars in the past five years.

Several athletes have had comparisons to the duos for their good teamwork and clear leader.

Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez

The tight end duo was a part of the huge rise in the 2011 season that saw Rob Gronkowski in the end zone 17 times for the New England Patriots. As Gronkowski played his role as Batman, Aaron Hernandez tripped up defenses as Robin. The two helped the New England Patriots reach the Super Bowl until Victor "The Joker" Cruz and the New York Giants spoiled their heroic efforts.

Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers

Even though Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers represent the power and size of Bane, their combination is an unstoppable force on the Chicago Bears defense. Urlacher brings the career wisdom like Bruce Wayne, while Peppers has the heart and determination like Robin. In 2012, the duo should continue to thrive as they help Jay Culter and the offense on the field faster.

Eli and Peyton Manning

The two QB brothers may have only met on the field twice, but their off-the-field commercials and appearances have Batman and Robin written all over them. Just like Batman, Peyton led the way for Eli, setting up a historical career before Eli even stepped onto an NFL field.

It appears as if Eli is branching off on his own and replacing Robin's suit with Nightwing as he won his second Super Bowl MVP. No matter what happens, they will go down as the greatest sibling duo in NFL history.

Chad Ochocinco and Terrel Owens

You cannot get much closer to being Batman and Robin when you actually dress up and refer to yourself as the duo. For one season on the Cincinnati Bengals, Owens and Ochocinco made headlines for their friendship, but, unfortunately, nothing great happened for the duo and they quickly broke up.

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow

Is it possible to have two Robins? That's what the situation looks like on the New York Jets as Tebow and Sanchez join the same roster together. Neither has the experience to be the true Batman, but the 2012 NFL season is the perfect time for Tebow Time to shine again. It will be up to Rex Ryan to see if he lets Tebow's cape fly.

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