Manchester United Player of the Month of October is a Tough Call - a Fan's Take

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Manchester United had a busy month in October playing six games against some really difficult opponents in different competitions. According to, the players nominated for Player of the Month honors include: Wayne Rooney, Rafael, Robin van Persie, Javier Hernandez, and Tom Cleverly. Choosing a player from that particular list to receive a little special attention is not exactly a simple task, but voting is open on the official Manchester United website.

While Rooney has shown that he can excel in midfield by making strong passes and great decisions, he has lacked the scoring touch he showed through much of last year, but he is just really getting back into form from injury. Van Persie has been on tear, and it looks like he could score in any match that he makes an appearance. Of course, RVP can simply not win every Red Devil award. Rafael and Cleverly also showed some impressive passing abilities by putting crosses right on the mark for several players, and both of those players would be great selections for Player of the Month of October.

I vote for Javier Hernandez. Chicharito has awoken from a funk that seemed to last a few matches, and he scored the game winning goals against Braga and Chelsea. Talk about Mr. Clutch. The Mexican international has showed up for the last few matches Sir Alex saw fit to play him, and he has made the most of it. Considering he is competing for a spot with Rooney, van Persie, and Danny Welbeck on any given night, Chicharito has to make the most of his chances, and I think the results for October indicate he is taking the challenge to heart.

From a larger point of view, October saw Manchester United cement their place in the Champions League group and cut the lead in the Premier League to a single point. While both of these are great accomplishments, I believe they are stepping stones to what the club is looking to accomplish this season. After all, the squad did not bring in Shinji Kagawa and Robin van Persie to bow out of the Champions League and finish second in the Premiership.

Chicharito had a great month, and he has my vote for Player of the Month, but more importantly the team is playing well and within striking distance of its goals. Sir Alex has the scoring machine primed and ready for action, and now a tie with Arsenal will further tell just how good this edition of Manchester United really is.

Jason Gallagher is a long-time Manchester United fan, following the performances of the Red Devils since the days of Eric Cantona and David Beckham.

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