Manchester United Loans Fabio Silva and Looks Long-Term: A Fan's Take

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It was announced on July 2, 21012 that Manchester United defender Fabio Silva will be spending the next year with QPR. After a month of attempts at big-name players that would have set up Manchester United for a title run next season, this move by manager Sir Alex Ferguson reflects a longer-range strategy.

Manchester United's Transfer Moves

Early in the transfer window, Manchester United let Eden Hazard slip through their fingers, but landed Shinji Kagawa. Both of these moves showed that Manchester United wanted to win the English Premier League next year, after coming up short in 2012. Alex Ferguson was looking at players that could have an immediate impact.

Manchester United Looks Long-Term

After losing Eden Hazard, who would have had the greatest impact for United, Alex Ferguson has finally made a longer-term move. Ferguson has praised fullback Fabio Silva: "He has no fear of playing and has great belief in himself. The boy has developed immensely since joining United, his energy and enthusiasm are a joy to watch." However, Silva's limited appearances and lack of starts in 2012 show that Ferguson does not think Fabio Silva is ready for the Premier League yet. A year of playing with QPR will give Fabio Silva a great opportunity to develop.

2012 could be a rebuilding year for Manchester United. In addition to Fabio Silva's chance to develop with QPR, his brother, Rafael Silva, will gain another year of experience playing for Manchester United. They should both be ready to make significant contributions in two years, and Alex Ferguson should have money to spend on other stars next summer. Manchester United's transfer-season moves have not been aggressive enough to win them a championship next season, but they could finish on top in two years.


Fabio Silva of Manchester United

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