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Manchester United and GM Marry for Money: A Fan’s Take

Manchester United's Fans Lose in Deal with General Motors

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Manchester United and General Motors (GM) are getting married, and the engagement party is on Thursday, May 31, 2012. When GM and Manchester United announce that the Chevrolet brand will be globally marketed through Manchester United, it each party's motives will be clear. For GM, Manchester United, which boasts 659 million fans worldwide, provides an path for marketing in Asia. For Manchester United, GM has money.

GM will use Manchester United

Everyone knows what General Motors' motive is in this Manchester United-GM marriage: General Motors will use Manchester United to reach Asia. Manchester United is scheduled to play to exhibition matches in China this year, and they will likely sign Japanese player Shinji Kagawa. Without Eden Hazard, Shinji Kagawa could become an icon for both Manchester United's squad and Japan. Does anyone smell an endorsement coming?

For Manchester United, GM has Money

Naturally, the dowry that will be paid in this marriage to Manchester United by GM will be substantial. After Manchester United's lowball bid for Eden Hazard, where the Red Devils gave Eden Hazard the lowest bid of the three clubs competing for him, it is clear that Manchester United loves money. It is the Manchester United's love of money that lost them Eden Hazard. The same love for money is what drew them towards GM.

Manchester United's Fans Lose in General Motors Deal

As with many second marriages, the only losers are the children. Their parent's attention is now divided, and their parent can no longer care only for the children's needs.

When the marriage between Manchester United and General Motors is announced on the evening of Thursday, May 31, 2012, the losers will be Manchester United's children, the team's 659 million fans. Manchester United is willing to sacrifice millions of fans' hopes for a championship, in exchange for millions of dollars from General Motors. In fact, the Old Tafford's management has already sacrificed the team's fans, when they lost Eden Hazard.


GM and Manchester United Announcement

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