Magic Johnson Wants Dwight Howard to Join Los Angeles Lakers; Will He? Fan Question

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If there's anything I've learned about the Los Angeles Lakers over the years as a fan, it's this:

When Earvin Magic Johnson has something to say, that has anything to do with the Lakers, you listen.

Well, on July 5, Magic Johnson may have not said anything verbally, but a singular tweet from his twitter account tells the whole story. Johnson tweeted, "@DwightHoward would be the final piece to make the @Lakers a championship team for a long time." And just like that, without any masks or deception, Johnson put it all on the line by stating exactly how he feels - just as he does 99 percent of the time. But what does it mean for the Lakers, really? Does it make Howard's ears perk up to hear one of the greatest all-time players convey such a sentiment? Or perhaps it increases the Lakers' chances of getting Howard? I'm not too certain, but I can tell you that when it comes to winning, Johnson and the Lakers don't fool around - and they have given Howard a lot to think about.

Steve Nash Syndrome

The addition of Steve Nash was a huge move by Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers' front office. He makes the team instantly better and I think that it could have been a move to also entice Dwight Howard to make his way to Los Angeles. Even before the Nash trade went down, there were rumors connecting Howard and the Lakers via an Andrew Bynum/Dwight Howard swap. (Those rumors have been potentially negated by Kupchak's statement that he won't move Bynum or Pau Gasol after the Nash deal.) However, now that Nash is with the Lakers, Howard has to consider them as an option - at least I would if I were in Howard's position.

The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets might have the potential to be something special in the NBA and with a billionaire owner in Mikhail Prokhorov the ceiling for spending money is endless. However, when I look at the comparison of the two teams - between the Nets and Lakers - I would rather play with Nash, Gasol, and Kobe Bryant over Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. And with Howard probably considering all things about the teams, including location, Los Angeles is my pick nine times out of ten.

A Biased View?

Sure this could just be my biased opinion because I'm a Lakers' fan. Or it could be the truth when it comes to what teams are trying to do nowadays. Having the assets to allure players to come to your team is just as important as the money. Your potential teammates have the ability to speak louder than the amount of money in your contract because you know that you could win an NBA title or two with those teammates - something money can't buy. Being a champion is something that is earned through hard work, tight play and dedication. As cheesy as it sounds, it's the truth.

A Championship Caliber Team

To put it plainly, I want Dwight Howard on the Lakers. I want other teams' fans to call us out for stacking our team. And, most importantly, I want other NBA teams to realize that it's a different level of competition nowadays. While Howard may very well end up a member of the Brooklyn Nets, I don't want it to be because the Lakers didn't try to put together one of the most formidable teams the NBA has ever seen. Howard coming to the Lakers would make them instant favorites and a championship caliber team for years to come. (If Magic Johnson said it, it has to be true, right?)

I'm not sure if Dwight Howard will actually end up in Los Angeles next season, but if he does, the NBA had better be ready for it.

Food for thought: Will Dwight Howard end up with the Brooklyn Nets or the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012-2013? Can the Lakers and Orlando Magic get Bynum and Howard to both agree to long-term extensions in order to make a trade happen? Or will Dwight Howard only do what Dwight Howard wants to do?

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