Should Madden '13 Include 'Tebowing'? Fan's View

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Michael Young, creative director for EA Sports and Madden NFL 13, raised plenty of eyebrows by tweeting on May 18 from his official Twitter handle @mysportsphotog that "Tebowing is in for #madden13 @jpdavis1982."

"Tebowing," for those who don't know, is the act of getting down on one knee and praying, similar to what New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow does before and after games.

As much as people want to make a big deal over Young's decision to include Tebowing in the game, I don't see how this is controversial.

"Madden" isn't trying to make a political or religious commentary by including "Tebowing," they are simply trying to simulate and add signature player moves that makes the game more realistic and fun to play.

If it happens in real life on NFL gamedays, it should be included in the game. So much of a sports-based video games' success or failure hinges on the ability to recreate and capture the feel of a real game.

Besides top-notch graphics, the average player wants a game to feature unique nuances of each individual player, including signature touchdown dances, plus running, passing and blocking styles.

"Madden 13" is hyped as one of the most advanced and engaging user experiences to date for the long, storied franchise, and most NFL fans should be jazzed about having the opportunity to do some serious "Tebowing" following a big touchdown.

One of my favorite sports-based video games of all-time is UFC Undisputed 3, due to the game's ability to capture each fighter's unique personality and fighting style.

Just as the average fan likely doesn't see any real political or religious commentary when a fighter celebrates following a victory in UFC Undisputed 3, I think it would be the same response in Madden NFL 13.

In the heat of the moment following a victory, I believe video game users would see "Tebowing" just as a way to celebrate, rather than a chance to pray. I don't think the average user would view it from a religious perspective.

The Madden video game franchise must evolve in order to continue its historic run, and adding the option for "Tebowing" is just one of the many ways to do so. The game is slated to be released to the public on Aug. 28, 2012.

Should Madden '13 include the "Tebowing" option? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Holden is a lifelong New York Jets fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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