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Lost that spark? Maybe it's time to change plugs

Lost that spark? Maybe it's time to change plugs

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Properly firing spark plugs could help you save money at the gas pump this summer.

As gas prices rise many Americans are looking for ways to get their gas to go the extra mile this summer.

By following a few simple preventive maintenance procedures, you can help improve your vehicle's gas mileage, which in turn saves money at the pump.

Chief among these is to check your car's spark plugs and replace them if necessary.

Your car's spark plug is what ignites the air fuel mixture inside your combustion chamber. A vehicle can have four, six or eight spark plugs, which fire as many as three million times every 1,000 miles. This results in a lot of heat, electrical and chemical erosion.

Dirty or worn spark plugs can cause misfiring, which wastes fuel. That's why it's important to change or at the least inspect your spark plugs regularly. Your average spark plug wears out every 10,000 to 20,000 miles or so, and with them go your gas mileage, engine power and performance.

If you can't remember the last time you checked or replaced your spark plugs, then it probably means that an inspection is due -- especially if you're engine starts reluctantly or has to be coaxed to life upon multiple cranks.

Get more spark plug info and installation tips at www.autolite.com.

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