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Los Angeles Lakers’ Metta World Peace Shines Light on Lakers’ Outlook: Fan Reaction

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If I didn't know any better I'd say that Metta World Peace is the great philosophizer of the Los Angeles Lakers. He has his moments when Ron Artest comes breaking through - or better yet elbowing through - yet he knows exactly who he is and knows exactly what he is capable of as a human being and basketball player.

One thing that World Peace does very well is express himself. He is very articulate when it comes to talking about himself and his teammates and that's why I chose to use his exit interview as the focal point for what the Lakers have to do in order to improve next season. World Peace doesn't always come across as the most level-headed person in the NBA, but what he has to say about the Lakers makes a whole lot of sense.

Improving on the intangibles. World Peace said that the Lakers may have to work on other things that aren't related to basketball this offseason. Some of those intangibles should include focus and determination - neither of which the Lakers showed too much of in the Oklahoma City Thunder series in my opinion. The Lakers twice held fourth quarter leads only to watch them slip away - along with their hopes of their third NBA title in four seasons. If they wish to come back in 2012-2013 and have a better year, then their intangibles have to develop.

Taking away the positives. World Peace also talked about how the Lakers can take away the positives from this season and make sure to build on them. While working on developing the non-basketball portion of player development, it should not be forgotten all the Lakers did in 2011-2012. During a year when the players had a new coach and played a severely condensed schedule the Lakers definitely held their own for the most part. It certainly was not going to be easy heading into a season trying to implement an entirely foreign game plan with little-to-no practice time. Considering how the Lakers played on the road this season, I'm fairly surprised they were able to accomplish what they did. However, from what focus they could muster, they were able to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals and while that is not the ultimate goal, it's still a positive marker for the Lakers.

Coming in ready next year. One of the big things that World Peace emphasized was coming into the season ready. That includes being physically, mentally and emotionally strong. With a full training camp and offseason I think the Lakers can come back next year and be stronger. However, if players like Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum can't find ways to work on the necessary intangibles - and Gasol's need to improve his physicality - then the Lakers could be in for another lackluster finish to an otherwise decent effort. In fact, I'd imagine that if Gasol wants to stay with the Lakers he could need to take a pay cut. The money he is being paid is certainly not consistent with the kinds of performances he has had as of recent. On the whole, the team really needs to evaluate where they are in terms of development and come ready to work on their chemistry in 2012-2013.

Food for thought: Is World Peace on point when he speaks of what the Lakers need to do in order to improve next year or do the Lakers need a personnel overhaul in order to improve in 2012-2013?

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