Los Angeles Kings Win the Stanley Cup and Earn Everyone's Respect: Fan's Take

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The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup today when they beat the New Jersey Devils in Game 6. In so doing, the franchise won its first-ever championship.

The possibility of a Kings championship was a far-fetched dream last summer. But, every scene in their reality show took place as multiple spring ice rinks were resurfaced throughout the spring.

Martin Brodeur and his teammates made this series respectable, but they couldn't deny destiny that finally came the Kings way.

Now, all doubters have been silenced and all detractors have broken their sticks. The Los Angeles Kings franchise and their fans can proudly waive the banner of victory that they have fully earned.

Projecting cup dreams

I've been a fan of hockey since I donned the goalie gear and took Sunday shots from my Dad in the 1970s. The influence of my cousins and elementary school friends also helped me to embrace the game, as our outdoor contests were as important as any professional league's schedule of events.

I have always projected those important people onto the rink whenever I have taken part in, or seen, any type of hockey game take place. Certainly, the same is true for many professional players.

After those early years, I then played defense and left wing in an organized league for six seasons from junior high through high school. Never more than an average talent, my passion for the game often exceeded the velocity of my slap shot. But, it was those early connections that created my bond with the sport that served as my first entrance into the world of athletics.

Clearly, similar versions of my own story are shared by most other hockey fans around the world.

For all of you

I've always been a 'Bullies' fan. The Philadelphia Flyers were, are and always will be my team.

But, my family and close friends taught me something very important during those long-gone days. You can embrace another team and support their fans even if your friends are no longer in the picture.

That attitude has allowed me to truly enjoy this Kings run. I'm happy for those former Flyers friends who are in the Kings front office, are on their coaching staff and are on their team.

Life is about how you are raised and about how you then behave as an adult. The people who I have been most influenced by taught me to respect other people. That's why I took no joy in watching New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur lose. To me, he is the best netminder that I have ever seen.

To the fans of the Los Angeles Kings: Whether you have followed your team since 1967, joined the cause along the way or have only recently gotten caught up in the excitement, congratulations is in order.

May these great moments be among the best of your sporting lives. Enjoy what you helped the Kings franchise to accomplish. That Stanley Cup was won for all of you my friends.

Sean O'Brien is based in the Philadelphia region. He has written professionally for over two decades and is currently a Featured Contributor for Yahoo! You can follow him on Twitter @SeanyOB and also read his daily Sports Blog: Insight.

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