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Los Angeles Dodgers 2013 Fantasy Baseball Team Names

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With all of the big spending that the Los Angeles Dodgers have been doing over the past few months thanks to the deep pockets of new ownership, it seems like general manager Ned Colletti has been allowed to put together a roster that could be likened to a fantasy baseball team.

Let's face it, the Dodgers feature some of the best players in baseball. There's Matt Kemp, a recent MVP runner-up and legitimate superstar who's only getting better. On the mound you've got 2011 Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw, who finished fourth in strikeouts last season. Who wouldn't want those two guys on the same fantasy baseball team?

In the spirit of this online tradition, let's take a look at some of the best fantasy team names related to the Boys in Blue:

One Time at Band Kemp

Matt Kemp was only 15 years old when the movie "American Pie" came out, which means he wasn't even old enough to see the R-rated flick. Instead, young Kemp was probably honing the baseball skills that would eventually lead to him to the big leagues and to the top of the fantasy draft boards in 2013.

Kershawshank Redemption

It's the second movie pun in a row, but how could you pass this up? While "The Shawskhank Redemption" is arguably the best movie of all time, Clayton Kershaw is arguably the best pitcher in baseball. If it wasn't for a late-season hip injury last year, the southpaw would have probably taken home his second consecutive National League Cy Young Award.

The Kempire Strikes Back

It was unfortunate to see injuries derail what was shaping up to be another MVP-type campaign for Matt Kemp in 2012. Now fully healthy and ready to go in 2013, it's time for the Kempire to Strike Back. National League beware, the force is with him.

Ethier Win or Go Home

The Dodgers rewarded Andre Ethier with a five-year contract extension worth $85 million despite the fact that most of his offensive numbers have been declining over the past three seasons. Either Ethier proves his worth in 2013 or he will just be another player the Dodgers have overpaid in recent years.

Greinke Will Blank Thee

Speaking of overpaying, the Dodgers gave Zack Greinke a contract with a lot of zeroes in the hope that he puts a lot of zeroes up on that scoreboard every five days. Last season, the right-hander compiled four shutouts, and Los Angeles is expecting more of the same after dropping $147 million for him.

The Hanley Man

Los Angeles is hoping Hanley Ramirez comes in handy this year after acquiring the former batting champion just before last season's trade deadline. Ramirez is penciled in as the everyday shortstop, a position that definitely demands handiwork. However, how handy Hanley can be remains to be seen after injuring his thumb in the World Baseball Classic.

Bay of Puigs

The United States may have lost the Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba, but the Dodgers definitely won by signing Cuban defector Yasiel Puig. With an outfield logjam in 2013, the Dodgers don't figure to have room for Puig on the opening-day roster. That's not to say the youngster hasn't given Los Angeles reason to be excited about the future based off some of his swings this spring.

Pictures of Lilly

This song by The Who was released in 1967, and 67 miles per hour happens to be the speed of Ted Lilly's devastating curve ball. The southpaw won't overpower anybody, but he had complied a 5-1 record before an injury ended his season prematurely last year. If Lilly can pick up where he left off, the Dodgers will feature one of baseball's most balanced starting rotations in 2013.

Kenley All Just Get Along?

The Dodgers thought they had found their closer of the future in Kenley Jansen, but the flamethrower has now missed chunks of the past two seasons due to an irregular heartbeat. Jansen underwent surgery to repair the issue last October, but Los Angeles still re-signed Brandon League, who will start 2013 as the team's save man. Whether or not Jansen can reclaim the closer role remains to be seen.

Gonzalez with the Wind

Over the last four seasons, Adrian Gonzalez's home run totals have plummeted from 40 to 31 to 27 to 15, prompting many to wonder if his power is -- brace for the pun -- gone with the wind. Playing half of his games in pitcher-friendly Dodger Stadium this year certainly won't help his case. At least his 188 hits last season show that he's still making contact.

Nick Ostiller was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently lives in Santa Clara. He is a sports reporter at The Santa Clara and has also worked for Outlook Newspapers. Follow him on Twitter @nicko229.

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