Long-term Deal for Bynum Could Change Outlook for Boston Celtics: Fan Take

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The epic trade of the century (or at least this offseason) that ended up with Dwight Howard in L.A. Sent shockwaves into Beantown. If nothing else, it looks like Boston Celtics fans can forget about the scenarios involving Danny Ainge making a play for "Superman" in 2013. There was also the minor formality that the Philadelphia 76ers now have Andrew Bynum, making the Eastern Conference picture quite a bit different for the Cs' this upcoming season.

The Sixers now have one of the best centers in the NBA, a man who not only has the size and athletic talent to dominate the frontcourt, he also has the experience required for a high basketball IQ. Don't forget that he's got 7 years of experience despite the fact that he's only 24-years-old.

There's no doubt that Bynum's presence could essentially neutralize Kevin Garnett. Worse still, the combination of Bynum and Lavoy Allen will unquestionably be one of the biggest hurdles the C's could face in the postseason.

Like Howard, Bynum will be an unrestricted free agent in 2013, but the Sixers might be planning to make him their long-term solution at center. On Wednesday, Bynum was formally introduced to the Philly faithful at a press conference where it was clear that fans expect a real title shot. Bynum remarked that his experience has been "so great" that he's "really leaning toward making this my home." The Sixers FO will aim to make that a reality.

If Bynum and the Sixers remain a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference for years the come, it should change the long-term calculus for Danny Ainge. Whatever his plans for rebuilding in a post-big three era, Ainge would have to come up with a solid response to a Sixers team centered (if you'll excuse the pun) on Bynum's frontcourt presence. KG won't be that response, at least not for long. Maybe Dwight Howard in 2013 isn't too far-fetched after all.

Taurus Londono has lived in Massachusetts for over ten years. He is a longtime fan of the Boston Celtics.

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