London Summer Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Guide

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London Summer Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Guide

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are almost upon us and there are billions of people around the world who cannot wait to cheer for their favorite athletes. The Opening Ceremony pays tribute to the Ancient Olympic Games, as well as to today's cultural identity.

Date: July 27, 2012

Time: 9 p.m. BST (UK Time) or 2 p.m. EST

Location: Olympic Stadium, 2012 Olympic Park and Village, London, England

The Olympic Stadium will look like a scene from the British countryside. It will feature on of the largest sets ever built with fields, meadows, rivers, and real farm animals.

Format: The theme for this year's Olympic Opening Ceremony is "Isle of Wonder." The creative directors are Danny Boyle and Stephen Daldry. This will be the largest live show ever in London and these two directors will have an audience of more than billion people around the world for the show of their lives.

TV Channel Coverage: NBC

You can find your local NBC channel that will broadcast the Olympic Opening Ceremony here.

The Ceremony Begins: The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony will begin with the sound of the largest harmonically tuned bell in Europe. It was created by the Whitechapel Foundry, which is also responsible for the Liberty Bell and Big Ben.

The Parade of Athletes: According to Olympic tradition, the parade of athletes will make their way into Olympic Stadium in alphabetical order. The only exceptions are the Greek team, which will enter first and the Great Britain team, which will enter last. One athlete is chosen to carry his or her country's flag.

Speeches: There will be two speeches. The first will be by Sebastian Coe. This former British Olympic gold medallist is also the head of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). The next speech will be by Jacques Rogge, who is the president fo the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Games will officially be declared open by Her Majesty the Queen.

The Olympic Flame: The finale of the Opening Ceremony is the arrival of the Olympic Flame. It will be passed from athlete to athlete until it reaches the final person. He or she will light the Cauldron, which indicates the games are now under way. The Olympic Flame will burn for the Games' entirety and will be extinguished on Aug. 12 during the Closing Ceremony.

Performances: Between the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, there will be 15,000 people who will perform. After the Olympic Flame is lit, the show will begin. The content of this show is being kept very quiet Sir Paul McCartney will perform at the end of the ceremony.

Special Notes: Russia's Maria Sharapova, a tennis great, will carry the Russian flag during the Parade of Athletes, marking the first time that Russia has chosen a woman for the honor.

My family and I watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies no matter what time they may begin. We are avid sports fans and enjoy the Summer Olympic sports of basketball, boxing, swimming, and archery.

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