Lennon: Barcelona have raised the bar

Frank Tigani
January 19, 2013
Lennon: Barcelona has raised the bar

Celtic boss Neil Lennon has lavished praise on Barcelona and believes it has set the "template" in world football.

Under new boss Tito Vilanova, the Blaugrana have been in record-breaking form this season and have dropped just two points so far in Spain's Primera Division.

The side did, however, lose to Lennon's Celtic in the Champions League back in November, but regardless of that result the 41-year-old says Barca is arguably the greatest side of all time.

“I think Barcelona set the template. It's a dangerous template because I think a lot of managers strive to play like that,” Lennon told reporters. “I think you have to understand the culture that you're playing in.

“I think what we're seeing now in terms of the current Barcelona team and the current Spanish team, are probably the best footballing teams I've seen, ever, with Messi arguably the greatest player ever.

“So, that's what we all strive to be now. We can't all be that way, we have to cultivate our own styles.”


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