Lennie Boresch Jr Wins PBA Midwest/Central Lancer Lanes Senior Viper Open: A Fan's Take

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The championship round of the PBA Midwest/Central Lancer Lanes Senior Viper Open was held on Sunday, Oct. 28 in Cedar Rapids, IA. The tournament was open to anyone that is at least 50 years old, and some of the best senior bowlers in the world turned out to bowl in Cedar Rapids. While this was a Regional Tour tournament, it had the look and feel of a PBA Senior Tour tournament based on the talent level of the bowlers.

Pete Weber and Lennie Boresch Jr were the most recognizable bowlers that were participating in this tournament, but it also included even more bowlers that bowler regularly on the Senior Tour. Every bowler entered in the tournament got a chance to bowl six games of qualifying to attempt to be one of eight bowlers that would make it to the championship round. The final eight bowlers would bowl in a single elimination match play round until there was only one bowler left standing.

As you would expect, Pete Weber was the top qualifier in the tournament. Lennie Boresch Jr would also advance to the championship round after he squeaked in the seventh qualifying position. Weber and Boresch would both have no problem getting past their first opponent to make the final four. Pete Weber would have a tougher time with Majher in the next match, but he would still be able to advance. Boresch would once again dominate his opponent, Mike Mineman, to set up a title match with Weber. Pete Weber and Lennie Boresch Jr were clearly the two best bowlers in the field, and they did not disappoint in the title match. The title match would be extremely tight the entire time and would come down to the 10th frame. Lennie Boresch Jr was the bowler that would eventually get the big break and won the match 228-227.

The entire PBA Midwest/Central Region Lancer Lanes Senior Viper Open was held on one day. Prior to the start of this tournament, I thought that the short tournament format would make it harder for the best bowlers to win. The short qualifying round almost keep Lennie Boresch Jr out of the championship round, and he would have never gotten the chance to prove he was the best bowler. Lennie Boresch Jr and Pete Weber showed why they are considered to be two of the best senior bowlers in the world, and no tournament format will keep them from contending in every tournament they enter.

Jake as been an avid bowler since the age of 8, and regularly follows the PBA throughout the year.

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