Ladder Golf and Flip Cup Among Best College Football Tailgating Games

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Ladder Golf and Flip Cup Among Best College Football Tailgating Games

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Beer pong.

Just like the game of football itself, tailgating is all about tradition.

Whether you're a new freshman attending your first game or an alumnus still ready to party, the following 10 games are some of the best that tailgating has to offer:

1: Ladder Golf: Who knew that two golf balls tied together could be so much fun? Ladder golf features a three-bar setup where players try to toss and hang the roped "bolos." Personally, the field goal editions are more entertaining to play on and can feature a variety of official teams.

2: Flip Cup: Beer pong has been around for a while, but the intensity and group play of flip cup provides more entertainment. Each player must fill his cup with a beverage of choice. The player guzzles the drink down, sets the cup upside on the edge of a table, and must flip it upright. Once completed, the game moves down relay style until the first team wins.

3: Cornhole: Who needs a carnival when you can play cornhole at every home game? The simple setup requires players to toss bean bags through openings on tilted pieces of wood. Assign your own point value for each hole.

4: Football Toss: Rules, points and scoring is overrated. The best part of tailgating is grabbing a football and tossing with a friend. This could last for hours until the game begins.

5: Chili Cook-off: There is never too much food while tailgating. and a good way to ensure plenty of it is by hosting a chili cook-off. Host a cook-off with some prizes to entice the best chefs around.

6: Texas Hold 'Em: Set up a small table, sort out some chips, and you have yourselves an instant poker room. A Texas hold 'em tournament can last for hours as you drink, eat and talk football between hands.

7: Flick Football: Flick your way to victory in this classic elementary school game. Even if you're bad at folding paper, you can purchase official football flickers to use.

8: Instant Mini Golf: Putt away the game time with instant mini golf. Purchase a small green and hole to lay down behind your car.The more you drink, the harder it will be to score.

9: Beer Pong: Time will fly when you're in the middle of a great beer pong tournament. Use some university swag for a grand prize. This will help increase the competition.

10: Washers: More frustrating than the home team losing is a game of washers. The classic game requires players to toss washers into a small box and hole. You'll see a lot of this at multiple football games.

Alan Donahue grew up in Connecticut and went to college in Nevada. This allowed him to tailgate at plenty of UConn and UNLV football games. He has written hundreds of sports articles.

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