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Kurt Busch Avoids Penalties: A Fan’s Reaction

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On Sunday, October 7, 2012, the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers raced in the Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. At one point, Kurt Busch slowed down because he ran out of fuel and then he spun out. While on the side of the track, safety workers examined his car. Before they were done, Busch decided his car was ok to drive back to the garage and he left. Officials ordered him to stop, but he did not. He claimed he did not hear them because he had taken his helmet off. When he got to the garage area, he learned that he would not be allowed back in the race. On Tuesday, October 9, Busch learned that he would not face any additional penalties for failing to stop as told. This was planned to be his last race with Phoenix Racing and he will now be driving for Furniture Row Racing.

Busch has had his share of troubles in the past. At the end of the 2011 season, he had decided to take out his frustrations on ESPN analyst Dr. Jerry Punch. When his obscene tirade against the analyst went viral, he ended up parting ways with his team, Penske Racing. Phoenix Racing hired him on but indicated that Busch's antics would not be tolerated. Busch had his problems this season too. He got a short suspension for making a threat to a reporter just before his probation ran out. Just a couple of weeks later, he made headlines when he had a minor verbal altercation with a reporter, but he managed to walk away before it became too heated.

I wish that Busch would be able to turn the corner and control his anger but after being given several chances, it doesn't seem that he is capable of doing it. His anger has almost cost him his career in the past and I would not be surprised if his anger ultimately ends his career early. Though his actions this time may or may not have stemmed solely from anger, it should be common sense not to drive away when safety workers are looking at the car and have items on the rear end of the car. Phoenix Racing went out on a limb to give him another chance after he was fired and it seems he did not take it that seriously. If he can't control his temper, it seems like his time with Furniture Row Racing will be short. Hopefully, he will finally get over it and be able to focus on racing. He is a talented driver when he doesn't let his anger get the best of him.

Kristin Watt has been a NASCAR Winston Cup, now Sprint Cup, fan for as long as she can remember starting way back when she was a little girl and her mother would sit on the couch with her every Sunday during the season to watch the races. Back then, they were fans of Bill Elliott and newcomer Davey Allison.

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