Knicks Loss to Lowly Hornets Shows Why Team Needs Carmelo Anthony: Fan's View

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Carmelo Anthony is a Much Better Player Since Mike D'Antoni's Exit: A Fan's View

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Carmelo Anthony

With all the craziness surrounding the emergence of Jeremy Lin with the New York Knicks, the craziest idea was that the Knicks no longer needed Carmelo Anthony.

It was for easy for fans to say the team didn't need Melo while the Knicks were winning seven straight games, but the loss to the 7-23 New Orleans Hornets clearly demonstrated why the Knicks do need Carmelo Anthony.

I've been a Carmelo Anthony fan since he led my favorite college basketball team, the Syracuse Orange, to the 2003 NCAA Championship in college basketball. Ever since the Knicks acquired Melo just about one year ago, I've been following the team.

Back in January I wrote articles saying that the Knicks could not win with Toney Douglas at point guard. Toney Douglas is shooting 31.8% from the field this season, and 23.5% from three-point range. No team can win with a point guard who can't shoot in the NBA.

On February 1, 2012, I wrote an article calling for the Knicks to play Jeremy Lin at point guard. In the article, I said that Jeremy Lin can't be as bad as Toney Douglas has been this season, and that you never know, Jeremy Lin could turn out to be a player. Lin had a triple-double game for the Knicks D-Lague team on January 20, 2012.

As it turned out, Jeremy Lin has been a player so far in the NBA over the last eight games. Seven of those games were wins, and most came while Carmelo Anthony was nursing a strained groin injury. But the idea that the Knicks suddenly didn't need Melo anymore was crazy.

Carmelo Anthony Averaging 24.5 Points Per Game in NBA Career and Has Scored 33 Points in One Quarter

Carmelo Anthony is averaging 24.75 points per game in his career. That is the 15th highest scoring average in NBA history. Melo once scored 33 points in a quarter, which is tied with George Gervin for the most points a player has ever scored in a quarter in NBA history. Think about that, 33 points in one quarter. That what's Melo can do.

In the Knicks loss to the New Orleans Hornets, Jeremy Lin had a career high nine turnovers. Other than the turnovers though, he did not play too bad, as he scored 26 points on eight of 18 shooting from the field, and he had four steals in the game. Lin only had five assists, but that number was on a bunch of his teammates.

Bill Walker, Landry Fields, Steve Novak and Iman Shumpert Scored Combined 20 Points in 105 Minutes Shooting 22.6% from the Field vs Hornets

In the Hornets game, Bill Walker made one of five shots from the field, Landry Fields made one of eight shots, Steve Novak made two of nine shots, and Iman Shumpert made three of nine shots. So those four players only made seven of the 31 shots they took in the game. That's a shooting percentage of 22.6%. Jeremy Lin would have had a lot more assists if those four players could have made a shot in the game.

Bill Walker (two points), Landry Fields (four points), Steve Novak (five points), and Iman Shumpert (nine points) scored a combined total of 20 points in the Hornets game. Carmelo Anthony has scored 33 points in one quarter in a NBA game.

Walker (26 minutes), Fields (33 minutes), Novak (20 minutes) and Shumpert (26 minutes) played a combined total of 105 minutes in the Hornets game. Carmelo Anthony scored 33 points in 12 minutes in a NBA game.

Knicks Can't Win NBA Championship in 2012 Without Carmelo Anthony

The idea that Knicks do not need Carmelo Anthony is crazy. I like Bill Walker, Landry Fields, Steve Novak, and Iman Shumpert, but the Knicks are not going to be winning a NBA Championship with those players and without Carmelo Anthony.

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