Kids in MMA: Post-Fight, 6-Year-Old Does Grave-Digger Routine

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There's a six year old MMA fighter living in Armenia who trains hard and watches a lot of UFC. Take a look at this video of Minas Avagyan submitting his opponent, seven year old Hayk Tashchyan to win the Armenian Fighting Championship trophy. No blood was spilled.

Little Minas showed great confidence during the stare down and at the start of the match. He was the one with the eye of the tiger. My money was on him as the fight began.

"Death 6 years fighter MMA Champion.ArmFC-10.Hayk Tashchyan vs Minas Avagyan HD" video

Post-fight: Liitle Minas pulled off his post-fight routine like a boss, straddling the cage and pretending to dig a grave for his opponent, even tamping the earth to finish the job, all neat and tidy.

Who is he imitating? UFCHall of Famer, Tito Ortiz digs Evan Tanner a grave video.  

Good skill delights me no matter what age the participants are

No, I don't get alarmed watching kids fight in competitive martial arts tournaments when I see their parents are there with their children and when I see how much skill and confidence each child has. Practicing fighting skills at a young age teaches discipline and respect. Other kids practice sports that could result in head injuries or concussions, but that doesn't stop parents from encouraging their boys to play football. Injuries happen even when players are fully suited with protective gear.

Fast hands, fast feet

Having said that, if you are a person who is interested in watching young people compete or practice developing their skill MMA skill sets, then take a look at the following videos:

I found this 5 year old boy hitting mitts with his dad on the "Kids in MMA" Facebook page under the following comment, "5 year old tearing up the focus mitts! Young athletes of today will be far more advanced in skill in the future than the fighters of today!" video

The Ruffo brothers, Carlos and Giovanni, are already well-known in MMA circles. Here they are drilling moves with trainer, Erik Paulsen video

Girls are developing their MMA skills too. Here's Brazilian jiu jitsu ace, Courtney Cardoza showing her opponent why she gets so much attention from professional female MMA fighters. Winning at Worlds 2011 video

I'm looking forward to seeing how the game changes as these young people mature and develop their MMA fighting skills.

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