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Khalif Wyatt and Four Other Basketball Figures Who Faced Trouble Related to Prostitution

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Khalif Wyatt quickly made headlines on Monday, June 11, 2012, after the media learned of his arrest on Sunday. Wyatt had been in Atlantic City, New Jersey, celebrating his 21st birthday when he allegedly propositioned an undercover police officer who was posing as a prostitute. When officers went to arrest Wyatt, he fled. After being apprehended, he was charged with solicitation and resisting arrest and he was shortly after released on bail. He has since apologized. The Temple University basketball player is far from the first basketball player to have been linked to prostitution scandals or charges. Here are four other players and owners that have also been in the headlines for prostitution problems.

Derrick Rose

In November of 2011, NBA player Derrick Rose was the subject of a series of Twitter messages that alleged that he had failed to pay a prostitute after utilizing her services. The story was told second hand, from the friend of the prostitute that was to have been involved in the story. The alleged incident was to have occurred during the NBA lockout.

Toni Kukoc

Toni Kukoc was implicated in a huge prostitution scandal in his native country. In 2011, an alleged prostitution ring was broken up in Croatia. There were allegations of young models and aspiring actresses being used as prostitutes for many rich, famous or powerful people. Allegedly, former NBA player Kukoc was one of those people. The former player did not appear to take the allegations too seriously.

Charles Barkley

Though former NBA player Charles Barkley was not caught with a prostitute in 2009, he was allegedly caught driving while under the influence of alcohol. When asked where he was going, he reportedly admitted to be going to find a prostitute. Barkley has made his share of questionable decisions over the years and for this one, he was charged with a DUI.

Donald Sterling

In 2012 it was revealed that for several years Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, allegedly took advice about running his team from a prostitute. Though Sterling was married at the time, court documents reportedly show that he gave Alexandra Castro a house and she claims he consulted with her on matters related to the Clippers. He claims the relationship was purely a sex for money relationship.

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