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Key Players on Philadelphia 76ers' Summer League Roster

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COMMENTARY | The NBA Summer League gives players an opportunity to show organizations they have what it takes to make it in the league. The Philadelphia 76ers have a couple of guys on their summer league roster with the ability to make Philly's final squad.

Philadelphia will compete in the Orlando Pro Summer League which takes place from July 7-12, 2013. For those unfamiliar with summer league basketball, it is essentially an organized form of scrimmaging where each team consists of a mix of current NBA players, draft picks and undrafted free-agents. The basketball isn't always pretty, but the games give everybody a chance to be seen.

Justin Holiday and Arnett Moultrie, who are on Philadelphia's summer league roster, were members of the Sixers during the 2012-13 season. These two are set to be the clear leaders over the summer, but what should we look for out of the rest of the team?

Be ready to see a number of players with exceptional talent fighting to stay around. The Sixers have one of the most talented summer league rosters, and watching them play together should end up being a lot of fun.

Let's take a look at some of Philadelphia's key players competing in the Orlando Pro Summer League.

Michael Carter-Williams

Philadelphia selected Carter-Williams with the No. 11 pick in the 2013 NBA draft. Jrue Holiday had just been traded five picks earlier, so selecting the Syracuse University point guard was done to replace Holiday.

Carter-Williams isn't going to come in and be an All-Star point guard right away. It would be ridiculous to think he'd get in there and be immediately flawless. He's going to struggle. However, the Sixers selected him because they believe he can be a long-term fit at point, regardless of some early struggles he is sure to face.

Look for him to show flashes of brilliance in the passing game, along with areas in need of development with his jumper. Orlando is going to be his first taste of the NBA, and he'll certainly be a player to watch.

Arsalan Kazemi

Kazemi could end up being one of the biggest steals of the 2013 draft.

The NBA is a league where a game can be decided by a fraction of any given statistic. Anything from one or two made free-throws to giving your team extra possessions by grabbing more offensive rebounds. Here is where Kazemi thrives.

He is only 6 feet 7 inches, yet he has a nose for finding the basketball coming off the rim. Averaging over 10.0 rebounds per game over his last three years in college is no joke.

Over the course of the NBA's history, only a select number of players have been able to carve out a place as an undersized rebounder. Who knows if Kazemi will end up as one of those players, but he definitely has an opportunity to do just that based on what he has shown up to this point. We might see some of this talent during summer league play.

Khalif Wyatt

One of college basketball's most exciting games during the 2012-13 season saw Temple University defeating Syracuse at Madison Square Garden. Watching Temple win in an upset was one thing, but seeing the show Wyatt put on in the process ended up being the true highlight of the game. Wyatt ended the game with 33 points and showed a unique versatility when it came to scoring.

If you cringed at reading that, then you know that his unique versatility translates into him having a severe lack of athleticism. Wyatt plays at a slower speed than the other nine players on the court, but it leads to scoring chances most players fail to experience.

Going through the 2013 draft without getting selected might lead some to believe that there isn't a spot for him on the Sixers. If Wyatt does his thing, though, then he could find himself on the end of Philadelphia's bench when the regular season starts.

Trevor Mbakwe

Mbakwe rounds out the list as a guy who brings something to the floor that most other players fail to focus on: Defense.

His role in college was to protect the paint and he did it very well. Mbakwe only averaged 1.4 blocks per game in his senior year, but nobody keeps track of how many times he changed shots and that is exactly where he shined.

Nobody is going to ask him to score during the summer league. He'll be asked to defend, and there is no reason for him to not have a chance of making the final roster if he is able to consistently shut down his opponent.

Mbakwe is a key member of Philadelphia's summer league roster. Quite honestly, the men listed in this article are just some of the highlights. There are a number of other players who could end up making some noise when the games roll around.

Regardless of who ends up standing out, Sixers fans are in for a fun week of summer league basketball.

Zachary Arthur has been a Featured Columnist for the Philadelphia 76ers on Bleacher Report for the past eight months. His passion for the Sixers began while visiting family in Philadelphia at a young age, and has been there ever since.

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