Kenny Florian Believes Vitor Belfort Can Defeat Jon Jones: Fan’s Look

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If nothing else goes wrong, fans will have the opportunity to see Jones vs Belfort at UFC 152. To help everyone forget all about the UFC 151 situation, I'd like to see UFC champion Jon Jones defeat former champion Vitor Belfort and establish himself as the new "Phenom"--or else I'd like to see Vitor find a way to knock out Jones--the man with the longest reach in the UFC.

Either way, it's going to be a phenomenal fight.

Former UFC fighter and "UFC Tonight" Analyst, Kenny Florian believes Vitor Belfort (21-9) could be the one to take the championship belt from Jon Jones (16-1). "Without a doubt, he has a chance. They call him 'The Phenom' for a reason. This is the kind of guy who really could match Jon Jones from the talent department and that is really something we probably haven't seen before...[Vitor] can beat anyone in the world and if he's on at UFC 152, that is a scary fight."

Kenny Florian on why Belfort has an edge on Jones

Analyst Kenny Florian gave his opinion on Vitor Belfort vs. Jon Jones: "...the guy that's going to beat Jon Jones is going to have to have great hands, great footwork--and is going to have to be able to get on the inside of Jon Jones--and that is definitely Vitor Belfort...He's a little under size, but that is going to give him speed...the original fight, Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson, was a great example of the old guard vs. the new guard. We have that very same thing here with Vitor Belfort, who is a part of the old guard--who was a champion at 19 years old in the UFC.

[Vitor] has fought in several weight classes and he's truly a legend. He's very, very dangerous. Not only does he have knockout power, but he's a southpaw, which is always difficult for fighters to adjust to. We saw Lyoto Machida give Jon Jones problems earlier [at UFC 140]. It's going to be a game of long reach against the explosive power of Vitor Belfort."

Vitor Belfort is Happy to Step Over Chael Sonnen

Fuel TV's "UFC Tonight" crew interviewed Vitor Belfort on their September 11th episode. "We have the youngest fighter [age 25] and one of the oldest guys [age 35] and it's the old lion and the new lion," Vitor said.

Vitor is clear that he is the best man to face Jon Jones. "...I have history in the UFC. Not like all the other clowns talking on Twitter. You know which clown I'm talking about. I think he doesn't deserve a shot at all, but I think the event should continue with another fighter. I don't know what happened, but I'm thankful that the fight came to me. I'm really thankful to Lorenzo and Dana for giving me the chance and to the fans...I've been the champion of the light heavyweight division. It's not about Chael--it's just I think it's a better fit with me. I think Jon Jones vs. Belfort makes more sense. The way Chael got beat by Silva in the last fight, he doesn't deserve to go for a title fight. There were so many guys that were willing to fight Jon Jones that had good wins and good records in the UFC [like Chris Weidman]...Chael is trying to move up in weight and give up on his weight class, that's the way I see it.

But guess what--I'm really thankful Jones didn't accept that fight with Chael that week and that fight came to me and I really have to thank God...And the way I went about trying to get the fight was the professional way. I sent a text to Dana and Lorenzo...offering myself to fight Jones. And then the fight came to me..." video

Vitor loves training with the Blackzilians

Vitor Belfort expressed his delight with his new training camp. "I'm training with the best trainers and I'm having a blast. I'm learning the wrestling mentality with Rashad--how they fight. It is so good for me to learn. I feel so young. Everyday I go to the gym and I see the new breed of fighters. I see them train and I really get energy from them and I try to use everything they have--to take it in and learn new techniques and new moves. I'm training with Tyrone Spong, one of the best K1 fighters ever. Rashad has all the inside points. He's very technical, a very good coach. It's about MMA have to have people who push you to the right limit, not over cook you. I'm really having a blast. It's like I'm going to Disneyland everyday."

Rashad Evans lost to former friend and training partner, Jon Jones at UFC 145. Jon seems to be burning bridges all over the place.

Will UFC 152 fall under the injury curse?

With so many UFC fighters succumbing to injuries, I'm starting to worry that something will happen to ruin UFC 152. With 10 days to go until fight time, I have a message to send to Vitor Belfort.

Dear Vitor: Don't get carried away with your training. Please stay healthy and injury-free until your fight with UFC champion Jon "Bones" Jones on September 22 at UFC 152.

I'm not sending a message to Jon Jones. With the state of affairs between Jones and UFC President Dana White after the UFC 151 cancellation, Bones Jones would have to be in a coma to not show up for the fight.

Jon Jones Focused on UFC 152

Based on Twitter notes from the UFC 152 press conference call, it seems like Jones is looking forward to sorting things out with Dana when they see each other at UFC 152.

That's good because these fractious "we are never, ever getting back together" public disputes between management (UFC) and fighter (Jon Jones) left me thinking I had to choose sides.

Seems to me the best thing to do in this situation is to focus on the fight: Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort.

Belfort is doing all the right things to prepare for his battle with Jones. But has he had enough time to prepare a game plan that will unravel Jon Jones?

Time will tell. UFC 152 is scheduled for Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 22, 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET.

Source: show notes from "UFC Tonight", Twitter, Sherdog

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