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Kelly Kulick Proves She is Best Female Bowler in the World: A Fan's Take

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The final round of the WTBA Women's World Singles Championship was held on Tuesday, Sept. 25, in Cyprus. Over 40 different countries sent their best female bowlers to Cyprus in hopes of finding the best bowler in the world. Several of the top competitors have all had great success at the PBA level during their career, including Shannon O'Keefe and Kelly Kulick. While the men's competition was dominated by the Americans, the women's tournament was much more open. Despite the great competition from the entire world, Kelly Kulick was still able to prove why she is considered to be the best female bowler in the world.

Kulick remains the only woman to ever win a tournament on the PBA Tour, and has dominated women's bowling tournaments for several years. Once the tournament started, there was no doubt that Kulick was going to be a major contender. She dominated the two qualifying rounds and did not face much competition from the other bowlers until the semifinal round of the tournament. After cruising through the early stages of the tournament, Kulick had her hands full with Esther Cheah of Malaysia. Kulick was barely able to get past Cheah 212-207 to set up a title match with Diana Zavajalova of Latvia. Kulick need to get two strikes and nine more pins in the 10th frame to win the title. After getting the first strike easily, Kulick received a lucky strike on the second ball to propel her to a title victory by the score of 228-226.

I do not believe it is that much of a surprise to see so many foreign bowlers give Kulick such a hard time in this tournament. Since there is not a high paying women' professional bowling association anymore, there is no reason for the foreign bowlers to come to the United States to bowl. All of the foreign bowlers in the men's competition to give trouble to Chris Barnes and Tommy Jones were all members of the PBA Tour. While there are so many great unknown female bowlers in the world, Kelly Kulick was still able to prove that she is the best in the world.

Jake has been an avid bowler since the age of 8, and regularly follows the PBA throughout the year.


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