Kamron Doyle Breaks Another Record at PBA South Region Scorpion Open: A Fan's Take

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Kamron Doyle, the 14-year-old bowler from Brentwood, Tennessee who has already set records, displayed his talent once again on August 26, 2012. As reported by Bill Vint at PBA.com, Doyle placed third at the PBA South Region Scorpion Open in Canton, Georgia.

Doyle was knocked out of the running in the semi-final round by Walter Ray Williams, Jr., who went on to win the tournament. This marked Kamron Doyle's best finish yet at a PBA tournament, and made him the youngest person to have achieved such a feat, but it was certainly not his first time making waves in the sport.

In 2010, at the age of 12, Doyle became the youngest bowler to ever cash out in a PBA tournament. He broke records again in February of 2012 at the age of 14 when he became the youngest bowler in history to win cash at the U.S. Open.

It would seem that the young Kamron Doyle is striving to topple another record, which is currently held by none other than Pete Weber. In 1982, at the age of 17, Weber became the youngest person to ever win a PBA title. At only 14, Doyle still has a little over two years to remove Weber's name from that record and become the youngest-ever PBA title holder.

I fully recognized Pete Weber's contribution to the sport of bowling. His skill can't be questioned by anyone who has watched him perform or taken even a cursory glance at his record. Neither can anyone deny that Weber has brought a great deal of awareness to the sport of bowling with his boisterous and sometimes over-the-top antics.

However, I have never truly been a fan of Pete Weber. I respect skill, but I have always enjoyed watching competitors who carry themselves with a bit of grace and humility. Sean Rash is an example of such an athlete. He has been through some rough times during his career, suffering through a long dry spell that finally ended earlier this year, but he always maintained that air of grace and gratitude.

With all due respect to Pete Weber and his accomplishments, I for one would like to see one of his records conquered by a newcomer like Kamron Doyle. And if Doyle keeps to the path he has already blazed for himself, he just might be the one.

Christopher Brown is an amateur bowler who closely follows PBA events, but has never competed on a serious level. Above all, he appreciates the mutual respect and friendliness that is found within the bowling community. Bowling has proven to be a rewarding pastime for Chris and his two sons who share an equally strong attraction to the sport.

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