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Joseph Addai Released by New England Patriots: Colts Fan Reaction

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It wasn't all that long ago that Indianapolis Colts fans were up in arms about the mass release of a number of popular--but aging and expensive--players that included Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark, Gary Brackett, and Melvin Bullitt. Oh, and Curtis Painter, too.

With news surfacing that the New England Patriots have released Addai after he "quit" during a conditioning test, the Colts are starting look like they might have known what they were doing.

Back in March, I wrote in more detail about what Addai's cap hit would have been to the Colts and how it compared to what kind of production he has given the team. The Cliffs Notes version: he was expensive and not very productive.

I suspect, as do those who cover the Patriots, that injuries had something to do with Addai not doing well on his conditioning test. He's been struggling with injuries for the past two seasons, only playing 20 games combined in 2010 and 2011, and he's 29 years old--a senior citizen in NFL running back terms.

I certainly don't get any satisfaction out of Addai being released by the Patriots, and if he's still got it in him to play, I hope he finds a home somewhere else in the NFL. But what this illustrates is that the Colts were shrewd to release him when they did, before he counted $4.8 million against the salary cap of a rebuilding team.

Of course, Addai isn't the former player that Colts fans are grieving the most, but those who bleed blue and white should take some solace in knowing that the team appears to have gotten it right with at least one player that they released in March. And likely with more than one.

For those who are scoring at home, Clark, who would have been an $8 million cap hit for the Colts this year, is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was signed by the Bucs for $2.7 million, with only $1 million guaranteed, no signing bonus, and no performance incentives.

Painter ($638,000 cap hit to the Colts avoided) followed Jim Caldwell to the Baltimore Ravens. Painter was signed by Baltimore for $615,000 with no signing bonus and appears to be the team's third-stringer at this point. I'll be stunned if he makes the Ravens' 53-man roster.

Brackett ($7.4 million) remains unsigned. So does Bullitt ($3.7 million).

The author is a resident of central Indiana and a longtime fan of the Colts. He is also a Featured Contributor in Sports for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. You can follow him on Twitter at @RedZoneWriting and on Facebook.

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