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Jose Canseco doesn't quite get how Hunter Pence Insults go

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Is Jose Canseco just not in on the joke, or does Jose Canseco secretly hate himself?

Perhaps you're familiar with Hunter Pence Signs? It's a trend started by innovative Mets fans, who wrote mild insults about Hunter Pence like "Hunter Pence Puts Ketchup On His Hot Dogs" rather than more cutting insults, and it's gotten to the point that Hunter Pence is in on the joke. Know who is not in on the joke? Jose Canseco:

One of three things happened here:

1. Jose Canseco did not understand that the things on the sign were supposed to be minor, but not horrifically insulting zings, and thought "hey, this is a sweet opportunity for me to promote Jose Canseco some more," and opted to write "Hunter Pence loves Jose Canseco!" He did not realize that, in essence, he was saying that "loving Jose Canseco" was a minor, but not horrifically insulting zing, on par with putting ketchup on hot dogs and not being able to parallel park.

2. Jose Canseco is filled with self-loathing.

3. Somebody just gave Jose Canseco a sign and he held it up and smiled.

I think all three of these are fantastic possibilities.

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