Jon Jones (Sporting Nike MMA Gear) Vs Dan Henderson (Swinging a Hammer) at UFC 151: Fan's Look

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On September 1, grizzled veteran, Dan "Hendo" Henderson (29-8) will face UFC champion Jon "Bones" Jones and attempt to become the new Light Heavyweight Champion at UFC 151. Jon Jones (16-1), will debut as a new Nike sponsor by wearing their apparel for his title defense against Henderson.

The old grey mare just ain't what she used to be...

But Hendo (age 42 on fight day) is older--much older than Bones Jones (age 25).

UFC heavyweight fighter--and a former champion himself--Frank Mir gave his thoughts on Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson on the UFC post-fight show on Fuel TV. "You can never count Dan out. It's like Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia. No one thought Randy could pull it off. Don't be a fool and count Dan out. If Dan is able to figure out the height and elusiveness of Jon Jones--and land the right hand--it could be a long night for Jones. But with Jones, he pulls off things that you're not seeing other guys doing. And don't forget his wrestling ability. He doesn't have the build of a traditional wrestler, but he's a phenomenal wrestler."

Older means slower

Jon Jones sees his opponent as offering a series of "...challenges to rise up to and it'll be exciting. He's got strong wrestling and a good overhand right, but nothing I haven't seen before."

That overhand right is going to have to travel quite a distance to strike the noggin of Jon Jones, who is taller and has a longer reach than Dan Henderson.

To balance the scale and give Hendo a reason to respect Jon's hands, Jones explained how he's evolved his game, "The biggest thing I've done is to learn how to put people down. I'm becoming a good kick boxer, but I'm not dropping anyone. So I'm trying to get better knockout power."

Jones will need that extra power against Hendo who defeated the great Fedor Emelianenko by TKO in a Strikeforce / M-1 event in July of 2011.

Jones acknowledged Hendo's MMA history

Jon Jones: "He's right up there. He ranks as high as anyone I've fought in the last year. He's been a champion of other organizations. He's beat the best like Fedor [Emelianenko] and Shogun [Mauricio Rua]...Dan Hendo is what I'm focused on right now. He's an older fighter who's coming into his own and just keeps getting better. Looking past an opponent is like looking at second base when a fast ball is coming at you. You can't do it. Dan's right hand is like the fast ball.

Jon Jones and his new sponsor, Nike

Jon Jones gets a lot of attention from fans and the media. That attention has led to some lucrative sponsorships like this latest one from Nike. MMAWeekly reported that Jones will be sporting Nike gear in his bout with Henderson.

On the UFC 150 post-fight show on Fuel TV, Jones said, "It's a huge opportunity for me. It's great for UFC. I'm honored to be the guy to get them in the house. They're making cool clothing and it's great for the sport. If I was a young fighter, I'd look forward to getting Nike stuff in the future."

I wonder if that knowledge rankles Hendo. Opportunities like those weren't available for him as he broke ground for the MMA fighters of today--like Jon Jones.

It would bother me.

If it bothers Dan, then probably, he will channel those feelings into a massive overhand right, aimed directly at Jon's head.

UFC president, Dana White is excited to see what Nike comes up with. Sounds like he's ready to help promote the line by wearing Nike gear with an MMA theme. "They're shutting down the Manny Pacquiao line and starting up the Jon Jones line," White revealed. "I don't know why they shut down the Pacquiao line, but they did and that (expletive) was selling like hot cakes. I got Manny Pacquiao (expletive) from Nike." source

Just in time for back to school shopping.

Source: Show notes from UFC 150 Post Fight Show on Fuel TV

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