John Cena Divorce Prompts Wife to Hire Hogan Attorney; A Fan’s Perspective

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WWE star John Cena filed for divorce from his wife of 3 years, Liz Cena. According to, John Cena cited the marriage to his high school sweetheart was irretrievably broken. Regardless of the prenuptial agreement the two signed in 2009, Liz Cena has hired prominent attorney Raymond Rafool, who also represented Linda Hogan in her divorce from former heavyweight wrestling champion Hulk Hogan. Liz Cena claims that she is entitled to monetary gains because she stood by John Cena and supported his endeavors over the last 14 years. It should be noted that the movie and wrestling celebrity did approach his wife with a pre-divorce settlement, but she refused to sign it.

As a wrestling fan for the last 20 years, I don't see anything good coming from the situation. Based on past divorce proceedings between high profile wrestlers and their wives, John Cena can be getting into a world of hurt much larger than that of a WWE ring.

Cena just has to look towards his childhood idol Hulk Hogan for an example. Hogan was a multi-millionaire at the top of the world, when his wife blindsided him with divorce papers. The divorce ruined Hogan financially and emotionally. Hogan once appeared on Larry King Live and admitted that the divorce drove him to consider suicide. In the end, Hogan found salvation, but he still lost 70 percent of his assets. Today, Hogan works for the second rate TNA wrestling organization and milks his fame for Rent-A-Center to earn a wage. In addition to Hogan, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is another pro wrestler whose divorces have left the legend floundering for cash.

Luckily for John Cena, age may play a part in him coming out of this barely scathed. If Cena can manage to pay his wife outright, then he will still have several years to build a comfortable nest egg. Between his high profile matches and movie roles, Cena is in a great place to continue to generate income.

As many contracted pro wrestlers can tell you, life on the road is tough. It's not all glitz and glamour. Especially for someone like John Cena. Not only is he a main event wrestler, but he is also a corporate figure head that has to attend numerous meetings and functions for the company. Add to that the generous amount of time he spends with sick children around the nation, and you begin to see that a pro wrestler is more than just what you see on TV. Marriage is difficult, and these two former lovebirds learned the hard way that life isn't what it's always cracked up to be.

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